Friday, August 30, 2013

FFF-Aug. 30-Just A Little Pinch

Word Limit - 309 . Required Words:  soft, next, and crystal (but not all in the same sentence)
Forbidden Words:  lesbian,  movie, costumeBonus words can be earned by including the words "Panda" (25) or by identifying and linking a picture of the classical painting that appears to have inspired the photograph (50)

Head over to see Advizor for all the FFF fun.  C'mon you KNOW you want to!  

"Psssst!  Rebekeh!  Come here I have to show you something!"

Rebekeh looked up from the quilting form to see Sarah in the doorway practically jumping up and down in excitement.  I excused myself and hurried over before she caused an uproar at the quilting bee.  My dear impetuous Sarah.  I loved her from the moment I saw her clutching a stuffed panda at a sleepover.  We had been inseperable ever since.  

"OK what have you done now?"

Sarah pulled up the hem of her black shawl to reveal a red flowing skirt.  I ushered her out.

"Where did you get that?  You know bright colors are forbidden!  Are you trying to get us shunned?  After everything I've done to protect us!"  

"A tourist snuck me the fabric and I just couldn't resist.  Feel how soft and just look at this!"  I watched her twirl,  the fabric floating away from her lithe form to reveal her strong calves and just a hint of creamy thigh.  She was flushed in her excitement, cheeks pink and glowing.  It was crystal clear what I had to do.

"Find my husband Daniel and have him bring the buggy.  We'll have just enough time before I have to prepare supper."  

I sagged against the house as she ran off.  It was during rumspringa that the full extent of our feelings were revealed.  I had fully intended to leave the church and run away with Sarah so we could be lovers without shame.  That is until her cousin Daniel had walked in on us naked and kissing on the bed.  He immediately threatened to tell our parents.  I pleaded and promised him anything.  He demanded I marry him and join the church.  He would even allow Sarah and I to be together and keep it hidden.  The impetus being he got to watch.  

They pulled up in the buggy and I climbed in and said "To the field, please."  We got there and it was quiet.  He perched on a nearby rock and we moved a little further off.  "Now Sarah show me your pretty red skirt ."  We quickly became lost in each other and didn't hear Daniel shout until it was too late.  We sat up in confusion to be confronted with a carload of tourists with cameras.  Just before the flash went off I impulsively reached over and gave her nipple just a little pinch.
Note:  Ok I know I went over on words.  And I really don't know a lot about art.  Google has lots of images for "women in field" jus say'n.  Closest one I thought might fit was a Degas but maybe I'm way off and I'll stay quiet and not embarass myself and look to Advizor for the big reveal.  Anyway this was a fun pic to work with.  The guy in back just looked Amish to me.  Hope you all have a happy, fun-filled weekend!  


  1. Ah, the naughtiness of forbidden love! Great story, Simplicity!

  2. This was a great story. From beginning to end, kept it moving with emotion and events.

  3. What? Tourists? I love the ending. Years ago a friend wanted me to "go look at the Amish" like we were going to the zoo. I didn't go, but had I known these two women were part of the tour I would have changed my mind. But look at it this way, if you are naked you certainly aren't using zippers!

  4. Great take! I didn't even see the guy in the back...oops! So fun FFFing with you!

  5. I love how you worked all the details in :)