Friday, August 9, 2013

FFF-Spoken Word-8/9

  • Required Phrase - advertisement and/or flyer
  • Word length - 320 (3 songs for $20)
  • Forbidden words - Stripperbastardappetizer
  • Bonus Points - reflect the viewpoint of both women
Extra Credit words - Tell us worst experience with a stripper or at a strip club (50 words) and/or, your best (25 words)
He took the flyer and at first he barely glanced at it.  Walking away he caught a glimpse of the girl who put it in his hand. She was slender, wearing one of those crocheted caps, long straight hair flowing from underneath.  Her legs encased in tights, short skirt and sexy thigh-high leather boots.  Reading the advertisement closely now, he slowly walked back toward her thinking of the best way to engage her in conversation.

"Poetry, huh?  Are you the poet?"

Rachel saw him stop and come back.  She rolled her eyes as she was so sick of being approached by these lotharios who always offered coffee and then time in a hotel room to "warm up" for a few hours.  She was an artist not a whore!  She sized him up quickly taking in the expensive overcoat, cut of his suit, and his shoes.  She wanted to tell him to keep moving but rent was due and she couldn't risk offending him if he actually decided to attend her show.

"I'm Raquelle and will be performing here tonight," looking up at the bar's awning above her.  "All the details are on there."

He tucked the flyer in his coat pocket so he wouldn't lose it.  "I'm afraid I don't know very much about art and poetry and the art world.  How about we grab a cup of coffee and you can explain it to me?"

"I really can't as I told the owner I'd pass these out.  You should come, bring your wife. "   Almost blushing at being so obvious, he turned away, whispering "Thanks but I better not.  Nice boots."

"Well then you should definitely come as I'll be wearing them tonight...ONLY them."
Ralph's wife looked at the stage with derision.  When I told him, we needed to add more culture in our lives, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.  "Spoken word poetry, my ass."

I've only been to a strip club once once and it was for a girlfriend's bachelorette party.  They had the usual fantasy roleplay characters for fireman, policeman, doctor.  I have a bunch of pics from that nite, my fav is the one of my gf, the future federal agent, reaching out her hand to touch some guy's ass.  The other memories aren't that great.  I have hardly been sicker.  To top it off we drove the wrong way around the Beltway and our DD was having to stop every few exits to let me get sick.  Ugh.  

As always this has been fun! Enjoy your weekend!  Check out Advizor for more FFF fun!


  1. Poetry does gain a certain magic when it's recited by a nekkid woman. Great story, Simplicity!

    I love the idea of bachelorette party porn; normal, every day women so caught up in a guy dancing nude for them that they can't help but touch, suck, and even fuck him, all in front of 50 other women.

    Alas, something tells me that's all fake, and staged, though.

  2. I want to know the after-club reaction. Did she enjoy her time or was she totally offended? Great story!

  3. Poetry readings are the best!!! When my brother was in college the professor asked if anyone objected to "artistic nudity." Of course no one objected, no one wanted to be the prude, so he proceeded to show a 30 minute nude ballet. Art is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Great take on the picture and the two women were priceless.


  4. I would quite like to see some nude poetry readings :)

  5. Ah... the boots do it every time! Now that's poetry! Great take. So fun FFFing with you!