Friday, August 23, 2013

My Two Blind Dates- Date One

I've been told by more than one man that I have a pretty sexy phone voice.  In fact that has prompted at least two men to ask me out just by hearing my voice.  Now these conversations were not in the least bit sexy in nature.  I actually talked with these men while at work.

The first one was when I was still living in Northern VA in the DC suburbs. I was at my first "real" job post-college.  I used to talk to various institutions every day and as happens you develop relationships with these people (so this wasn't just because of my sexy voice but I'm still gonna tell it)  Marcus was one of them.  He was smart, fun, funny and had a great sarcastic wit.  We would send funny jokes by fax (slightly before email was common in most offices).  We flirted for several months and eventually one of us suggested drinks or dinner.

He generously agreed to come to my area since he was "against" traffic.  Back then blind dates were truly cell phones to send pics.  We met at a popular bar/restaurant near my office.  We had both left early from work so we were ahead of the crowd.

I walked in and spotted him at the bar.  He was older than I pictured but by no means unattractive and we ordered beers and started chatting.  Now when I first went in, I had seen some guy sitting on the other side of Marcus at the end of the bar but didn't give it a 2nd thought.  He started chatting with us and at first he was funny and interesting.  He was from Ireland and was regaling us with funny stories about pubs he frequented back home.  But we were on a date and trying to get to know each other.  It was very clear the Irishman had been "overserved" our entire conversation and he became belligerent.

Marcus explained we were on our first date very politely and that we'd like to enjoy our drinks now.  He turned back to me and we kind of chuckled about it.   Next thing Marcus goes flying backward off the barstool and he staggers to his feet  and then the "nice" little Irishman begins throwing punches at my date!  As I remember he didn't really make solid contact-  Marcus is 6'3" and the jerk was considerably smaller but Marcus had a puffy lip and a swollen eye later.  The bartender wrestled the guy out of the bar and the staff rushed and fussed over us.  We immediately went from beer to liquor both of us rattled.  I offered to call it a night but Marcus was a trooper and we moved to the tables and had dinner.

We joked that everyone is going to think I had done this and he would tell everyone I was a wildcat in the bedroom.  After all the excitement at the bar we settled in and had a fun evening.  He was just as fun in person as over the phone.  The manager approached and apologized and told us our evening was on the house.  We did the awkward hug/kiss at the end of the evening and went home.

Well, of course, when we went back to work the next day everyone was dying to know how it went and everyone got a good laugh and expressed sympathy over the events.  Marcus called and said he had some bruising and was still a little swollen but he thought it made him look "tuff."  I was just glad he was ok and he was laughing about it.  Over the next few weeks Marcus and I continued to talk but it seemed forced now.  Eventually one day his boss called and let me know he had transferred out of that location and I never heard from him again.  C'est la vie.

Oh well at least we got a good story out of it.  I thought I could put both dates in one entry but I've rambled on a good bit so check back if you want.  The next tale is much funnier, I think.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Hilarious! (in hindsight)

    Looking forward to the next tale. :-) Happy Friday!

  2. Ouch... not the kind of blow I'd want to receive on a date :)