Friday, August 16, 2013

Men At Work

They have been doing some road work on the highway in front of our subdivision.  Every day for the last 2 weeks when I pull up to get out on the road, there is a flagman at the entrance of our road.  Today  I pull up and wait patiently.  Usually I'm fumbling in my purse or checking my phone but today I'm just sitting there waiting for the guy to flip the sign.

It dawns on me suddenly that the flagman is actually a pretty cute guy.  He's a little stocky but not overweight.  Nice, dark eyes, close-shaven hair under the hard hat.  I notice something else too. He's tapping the sign on the ground, kind of twirling it around, pushing and pulling the sign toward himself.

I play it casual and try not to let on that I'm aware of the show he's putting on for me.  I pretend to cough, check my reflection in the visor mirror.  At last we're given the go-ahead and as I pass I give him a big grin and laugh.  He grins right back.

I so wish I had the courage to tell him that "I enjoyed watching you play with your big stick."


  1. So take the pledge with me - one crazy, out of character action per month - I've been doing it since January and it completely has changed my perspective on life

  2. Here's the truth. If it was a woman standing there with a sign and a man in the car, he could say Howdy or I like your sign and it could end up being a can of mace to his face. On the other hand, in your situation, you could slowly pass by with a boob hanging out or say, "wow, nice big stick" and it would make his day - hell, his week!

    The worst that could happen is, he could invite you to his church to be saved. I say go for it!

  3. Think of this as your "foreplay". ;)
    You said it yourself, they've been working on your road every day this week. Today you smiled. The next time you leave your street perhaps he'll have a better show (since you clearly enjoyed this one)