Monday, August 5, 2013

On A Mission

I was leaving for the beach the next day and stopped by a friend's desk to say bye.  She took one look at me, stressed and exhausted, stood up, took me by the shoulders looked me straight in the eye and told me, "You need to get laid.  That is your mission this weekend."  I laughed at her.  I told her I was going on a family "vacation" and kids would be there.  She just crossed her arms and said, "So."

Long story short, I didn't get laid that weekend but I did make an effort.  I went to the mall and did find some slightly more revealing attire than normal, texted my girlfriend pix and earned her approval.  She told me about a martini bar she had went to previously so I made my way there.  I didn't even catch anyone's eye.  I chatted with the bartenders who introduced me to a Starburst martini...YUM!

It was still early and I had previously made a trip to the liquor store.  I decided to head down to the beach with a cooler of ice and my vodka and Red Bull.  There I began texting my boyfriend, the cause of the stress and exhaustion I was trying to escape from that weekend.  As happens from time to time when drinking, you need to pee and the ocean was right  I waded out did my business and promptly fell in the sand.  I was covered.  I made my way back to the place we were staying and there encountered my mother who was furious because I was drunk and it was 3 a.m.  I waved her off and made my way to the outdoor hose and finally got rid of the chafing sand everywhere.  My mom was still yelling and I'd fucking had enough!  I defiantly stripped off all my clothes, leaving them in a pile in the yard and walked past her naked as the day she delivered me. It shut her up at least.  I left the next much for vacation.

Fast forward a month and things with my soon-to-be ex were really coming to a head.  Another gf from work decided to come to my rescue that night.  I really didn't want to go out but she begged.  Her boyfriend worked at the bar and promised free drinks.  Isn't it funny that the nights we are most reluctant to to go out often turn out to be the most memorable?

I met her at the bar and she introduced me to her new boyfriend.  He was handsome and sweet and very attentive to us both.  I was genuinely glad I had decided to come out.  But as usually happens to me in bars, I attracted unwanted attention of creepy, yucky hangers-on.  This guy was relentless and I guess he was pissed at being rebuffed and started hurling deliberate insults my way.  I had enough and eventually went flying over the table and grabbed him by the collar....completely out of character for me!!  My friend pulled me off and sent me to the bar.

I plopped down in my seat, downed a shot and answered questions of patron next to me as to what happened.  As I was re-telling my side of the events, I realized that I was invading the space of the guy to my right and I apologized.  He swung around to tell me "no worries" and I found it difficult to look away from his siren blue eyes.  We chatted, laughed and flirted the rest of the night.  My friend having dispatched the asshole invited us back to the table.  We joined them and my new friend bought us rounds of shots. We laughed, cut up and carried on, kissing and hands all over each other.  My GF told us we were "sweet."  LOL.

Then he whispered he had a room as the bar we were in was conveniently located in a hotel.  I remember swinging my legs over his and wrapping my arms around his shoulders and pulling him in close for a kiss.  Next thing he was pulling me through the lobby and I remember watching my GF being pulled the opposite direction through the lobby and laughing and blowing kisses at her.

We made it to the room and I stripped quickly.  He was all over me, licking, sucking my nipples and I reveled in the attention. I eventually pulled his boxers down and wrapped my hands around him..not only had I picked up the best-looking man in the bar but also the best hung.  I immediately went down on him...he was rock hard!  He was fingering my pussy and I exploded.  First of many.  He completely manhandled me that night...whatever position he wanted me in, he just flipped me into and positioned me however he wanted.  OMG!  I loved it!  It had been so long since I had been fucked like that.

Eventually we inevitably tired and I had to go.  I left him my number but I knew this was a one-time thing.  It didn't matter, as I walked back to my car, revelling in the feeling of a well-used pussy, I texted my original girlfriend..."Mission Accomplished!"


  1. As they say, if you go to a bar to get laid, you get drunk. If you go to get drunk, you get laid!

    Great, hot story!

  2. One of my great regrets during my more frequent business travel days was that I never made an effort to get laid. Partly because I lacked self-confidence and feared rejection, but partly because I feared getting someone to my room and then not performing well. What a loser.

    This was a hot story. We all need to get liquored up and have a good time every once in a while.

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a GREAT outCOME!!!! (no pun intended)