Sunday, September 1, 2013

Misadventures Too

This is the continuation of the story of my first  AM adventure.  I had met Allen at the beginning of the year and we had a wonderful evening.  After I got home we continued the sexy chat and recapped the highlights.  He seemed just as giddy as me.  I wondered why the hell I didn't just stay!  I didn't have to work and it was still snowing when I left.

He went home the next day and once again that evening we were texting until late at night.  We quickly made arrangements to meet again the following week as he was traveling my way.  This time he decided he would come to me.  I was impressed as our little town was a bit out of his way.  He booked a hotel suite at a nice place in town.  

I had left work early that day so I could do a little extra pampering.  This time he was the one running a little late.  I once again wore my boots (with leggings and a long red sweater if you're interested).  I excitedly knocked on the door and there he his boxers!  I was a little shocked and couldn't help but laugh.  I quickly went inside as someone was coming down the hall.  But then he pulled me in his arms and kissed me hard.  

So much for all the extra pampering...he was pulling off my clothes as we were kissing.  I sat down to take off my boots.  I was naked on the bed within 5 minutes!   With all the build up over the week, we were both a little over-excited.  I was dripping wet and he was hard as stone.  He fingered me to a quick hard orgasm.  We laughed a bit about how worked up we were.  But I didn't want to leave him hanging.  I quickly took him into my mouth and with just a few licks and sucks, he was cumming hard.  This time I was ready for him but he again pulled out.  Wow!  We had both cum within 10 minutes of me walking into the room.

We lounged on the bed laughing and cuddling and catching up.  He had some beer and once again he had brought some vodka.  We enjoyed our drinks sneaking kisses and touches and soon the drinks were forgotten and we were entwined on the bed again.  He had condoms with him and I was finally going to feel his hard cock inside me.  

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and flipped me on to my knees.  I held my breath...and um..well I could feel him fumbling and poking around back there but the condom had desensitized everything and he just couldn't maintain.  We kinda were both apologizing and things were a little quiet as we dressed for dinner.  

We went out and things felt a little forced.  We shared our meal and both ordered drinks.and thankfully as they kicked in we both relaxed and finally things were back to normal.  We headed back to the room laughing at some goob on a "sex-advice" show on sattelite radio. We were again relaxed and laughing again as we entered the room.  We collapsed on the sofa turned on the TV and watched some stupid reality show.  Suddenly I was like WTF am I doing and I jumped his bones.

Next thing we were back on the bed and he was between my legs and we finally had that OMG-it's-amazing-he's-inside-me moment.  Oh felt sooo good.  He put my legs over his shoulders and then he SPANKED my ass!  I was soon lost in a series of orgasms as he pounded me harder and harder.  He shouted out he was gonna cum and pulled out and shot on my belly.

I slipped into the bathroom to clean up and he took a call.  When I came out he was at the desk on his computer.  Somehow once again things were awkward.  I re-dressed but couldnt find my bra.  We kissed goodbye and I walked toward the door.  He called me back and I turned expectantly but he was just giving me my bra.  I stuffed it in my purse.

I hated the bad feeling I had.  There was no sexy chat after this time and I maybe received two disinterested texts later that week.  He had disappeared.   I sent emails but nothing...until 4 months later and he was back in town but I couldn't meet.

I thought it was over..until last week ;-)  Hopefully this will be continued!


  1. If the sex is good, one can deal with the post-coital weirdness. Good luck with reconnecting!

  2. Hot, but so frustrating! Don't these guys know a little "post-game" activity will help ensure a rematch? Sheesh!

  3. So there's only chemistry during the actual sex.... I guess that's okay if the sex is good enough. :-)

    Good luck with the continuation!