Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby Get Ready!!

I've mentioned before here how much I love to dance.  I haven't really mentioned the music much.  I , like most of us, have an eclectic play list.  I have everything from Sinatra to Tchaikovsky, Etta James to Charlie Daniels, Adele to a one-hit-wonder college band that used to play on our campus.  That's a little of what I like but I want to ask the readers: what is YOUR sexy song?

You know. What song puts you "in the mood", makes you flashback to those sexy fun times of your youth or yesterday?  Certain songs are meant to do that.  Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" and "Sexual Healing" and I think a lot of people would say Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game."  (which is most definitely a very sexy song) But are there other songs more obscure?  We are all so unique and I'm curious (read nosy).  Here are a few of mine listed below.

Probably an unusual choice for most.  The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Fishin' in the Dark"  But it includes the line which is the title of this post.  "Baby get ready!"  For what? Gets me anything could happen tonight! Makes me want to put on a little sundress and find a fishing hole in the middle of the night."where we'll be moving slow."

Moving Bob Seger.  I absolutely ADORE a man with a deep, sexy, husky voice and Mr .Seger has that going on in spades!  Plus he has his "Night Moves" down pat!  But there's this one song that drives me crazy..(well more than one) but this is the one that comes to mind first.  "Shame on the Moon."  I also love "Turn the Page".  Its mostly about being lonely on the road during his extensive cross country tours..BUT there are those incredibly sexy saxophone solos.  Very hot!

And I'm sure I'm going to hell for this choice..but Josh Turner has the deepest most sexiest Voice EVER.  I REALLY want to ride "His Long Black Train."

And hell if God doesn't want us to ride "The Long Black Train" then why the hell did he send the man with the sexiest voice ever to sing that song!!  I sense a conspiracy!

This list could be endless: there is: Springsteen's "I'm on Fire", Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger", the classic Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden" and "Miss You". My list of sexy songs could go on and on.  I hope you want to share yours

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Can't Get No...Satisfaction

Yes, it's definitely true lately I.AM.NOT.GETTING.ANY.SATISFACTION.  

However, this is actually not about me (whew..for once).  There's a new show debuting on the USA Network this week called Satisfaction.  (Thurs at 10pm)  At first the trailers were kind of vague about what the subject of the show involved.  As the date has drawn near, it seems the show is going to be about marital infidelity and somehow that may possibly evolve into male prostitution.  The gigolo part of the story doesn't really pique my interest (well, I suppose I'll see) but the trailer does ask the question "Can having an affair save your marriage?"

It is a question I've seen posed on various boards where I sometimes read.  There, the general consensus seems to be "yes, it can."  Of course, these people are mostly having affairs and that's why they read there so they are somewhat biased.  I am pretty interested in seeing what the more "general population" thinks of the show and see if it generates any buzz.  Of course, I am not married but have been involved with several married men which is why this caught my eye.  I have definitely set up my DVR to record it and will be checking it out.  I'm including a link to the trailer in case anyone is interested.  Maybe I'll put up a follow up post if the show seems worthy.  

Hope you're having a nice week!  Happy Hump Day!  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Perfect Pool Day

I don't normally do this on the blog.  Post pictures.  But quite honestly I could use the ego boost.

I'm not feeling down or depressed.  I think I'm just stuck.  It's been quite some time since I got any and I'm trying hard and feel like I'm not getting anywhere.  It's feast or famine around here.  The feasts are fleeting and this famine is farflung.

I actually had a date Saturday night.  It was nice, we had fun, he was a nice guy but there was absolutely zero attraction on my part.  So now I will have to do "the let him down gently" email.  Sigh.   I seem to always have a guy or two around online to chat with.  But they are all too far away to just hop in their car come over and END this famine. I'm tired.  It seems like I'm putting in all the effort for very little reward lately.

I shouldn't complain.  It truly was a wonderful weekend.  Friday night was a great summer night.  It was cool, low humidity, a full moon and just a perfect evening spent on my back porch chatting and drinking with friends.  Saturday was date night and we went to a nearby town and had a lovely dinner and then went downtown to the square and listened to some live music while having drinks and again enjoying a lovely summer night. Yesterday was spent at the pool with my nephew swimming and splashing with him and cheering him on doing back and front flips off the diving board.  (the child is a naturally gifted athlete).  All while secretly ogling the very nice eye candy at the pool.

In other news, the shaping up plan is going well.  I've now lost 10 lbs--a quarter of the way to my goal--and I'm more determined than ever to reach it by my birthday in the fall.  I got into clothes this week that I haven't worn in a year.  Thank goodness I can get back into my "little" shorts and am looking better and feeling much more confident these days.  The new job is going well and I am incredibly busy these days.  The Hot New Guy is still in the picture and I just canNOT seem to stop looking at his pix.  I may have a chance to get out of town this weekend to see another friend and spend some quality time with him.

So to quote Zac Brown.."life is good today.... life is good today. Adios and vaya con Dios"

Sunday, July 6, 2014

FFF-July 4th-Let Freedom Ring!

  • Key Phrase: "Let Freedom Ring"
  • Word Limit:  294
  • Forbidden Words: Independance, Revolution
  • Extra Credit:  Tell me how I came up with the word limit
  • Bonus Words: Tell us about a special holiday Romp

Sorry this is a little bit late.  I started writing it before I left to go out of town and meant to finish it in the hotel Thursday night.  Of course, I walked off and forgot it.  BOY do I wish I had been laying in the hotel room writing FFF instead of what happened.  I'm over it.  It's done and what happened doesn't deserve to be even a little blip on this blog.  Sorry to be cryptic but that's all I'm going to say.  
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

She stood on the deck and watched as the yacht pulled into port at yet another cosmopolitan city.  She looked longingly at the shore.  This city was much closer to home.  She grew up in a small town in Georgia. The yacht was docking in New Orleans.  She looked longingly to the east.

Auguste watched her as she stood against the rail, she looked as sexy as she ever had when he had rescued her from that podunk town.  How fortunate his limo had broken down that day.  She looked so fetching and innocent while she poured his sweet tea.  Now she is a sophisticated woman of the world.   He approached her silently and she smiled as she turned toward him and reached up to plant a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Come, my dear Raquelle.  We must get dressed for the party.  I have laid out your clothes for you.  This is a very important meeting.  I need you at your finest tonight, chere."

Raquelle looked at him in surprise.  He had never taken an interest in what she wore other than to expect her to look her finest for him.  She always tried to comply.  She squealed in delight upon seeing the lovely dress and the jewelry box laying on the bed.  The sapphire necklace was stunning.

He met her at the stairs.  "You look perfect, darling.  I have to make a very important business connection tonight so I'm afraid you may be on your own more than usual."

"That's ok, Auguste.  I'm sure I can find a way to entertain myself.  I'm sure the other wives are as bored as I am."  She patted his arm.  "Shall we go?"

Raquelle wandered the room.  She had lied to Auguste.  All the other wives despised her.  As if she'd want their husbands!   They were polite only to salvage their husband's business opportunities with Auguste's many holdings.  She stopped and grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter.  She was sipping it and watching the entrance when HE entered the room.  She stood up a little straighter and kept her eyes down and watched as he made his way to the bar.

He was just her type: tall, broad, solidly built, close cut salt and pepper hair, neatly trimmed goatee (wink), confident.  Definitely an alpha male.  She saw the others in the room turning his way.  He got a drink at the bar and turned.

Blushing she quickly looked down as he had caught her blatantly staring--hopefully not with mouth open!  He raised his glass to her and appraised her slowly.  Suddenly remembering she scanned the room for Auguste. He was in a corner surrounded by his cronies.  The gentleman worked the room and they began the dance. She walked ahead and he pursued.  She noticed him bearing down and quickly stepped out to get some air.

His voice was velvety smooth and deep behind her.  "So I caught you at last.  What is your name?"

"Raquelle."  She hesitated to ask his and then she thought she didn't want to know.  She took his arm as they walked out of the ballroom.

It was an amazing night of passion.  He gave her everything Auguste could not.  But the next morning the guilt overwhelmed her as she quickly dressed and slipped away.  She gasped when she opened the door.  She looked down in shame.  Auguste lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.

"So Raquelle did you enjoy the evening I arranged for you?"  She looked up in surprise.  "You don't think I see how sad, how homesick you are.  I am a wealthy man, yes, but an old one.  No, quiet, ma chere.  This was my gift to you for treating an old man so well for all these years."

She threw her arms around him.  "May we please go home, now?"  They wrapped their arms around each and walked into their future.

I loved this prompt and the woman in the picture above is absolutely beautiful.  Again, I apologize for being late.  Please head over to see Advizor and all the other entries and if I'm not mistaken, next week's prompt has already been posted.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


They say you learn more during your first year of life than you ever will again.  They also say the first year of marriage is the hardest and I'm sure it's true of many things.  Monday was my one year anniversary writing this blog.  And I must say the first year has been amazing!  I've made so many new friends through this blog and developed some wonderful relationships.  It has been a blast!  The wonderful comments and the interaction among the "blogosphere" has been all that I hoped for and more.  I thank you all!

You may have noticed I completely re-designed the blog.  I thought this was the perfect time to do that.  I'm really pleased with the new design.  Feels more modern. More me.  There's another change I want to make. I want to take more risks with my writing.  Mostly I've relayed info about various hook-ups/anecdotes that happened in the recent past or the present...which are fun to write, no doubt.  Which is fine, it feels like the "getting-to-know-you phase when dating.  I want to get deeper with my writing.  For some reason I've been a little hesitant to put myself out there on some issues.   I'm sure it's a self-esteem issue.  But I've got to get over it.  This is my blog and I can write what I want!  I want to get a little deeper.

Honestly there was a time when I didn't think this little blog was going to make it.  I got down and discouraged and depressed when I was out of work.  I couldn't muster the energy to post anything.  I would have regretted it so much if I had let this die.  I'm glad I made it through.   I'm sure that time will come but not now.  I feel energized, happy and just ready to take on the world right now.  I'm in love with writing again!

As for the title of this post, I feel I should explain.  Paper is the traditional wedding gift that etiquette sites suggest as the gift on the first wedding anniversary.  And while I'm not married, I felt it was apropos.  I write in the traditional way normally.  Many of these posts here began with pen to paper.  So paper is my gift.