Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Now Familiar Road

The last few weeks have been very good in some ways and yet very bad in another very important way.  I lost my job but I seem to have got my life back.  In a way it was a relief. When you feel physically ill at the mere thought of going into work, it is most definitely time to move on.

But the last two weeks have been great.  I'm not depressed or stressed and some great things have been happening.  I went to DC and saw my old friends and finally got to meet a new one, Jamie.  I went to a birthday party and saw lots of good friends on Friday night and had an absolute blast.  I went shopping Saturday and got a sassy short haircut.  Watched football at home last night and enjoyed a few beverages.  And then there was today.

Me and Rob....not!  
I had a low hum of anticipation all day.  I met Rob at a hotel.  It had been quite some time since we were together and I was glad to see him again.  We were going to be able to spend a little more time together than usual and we took full advantage.  We kissed and we were on the bed within a few minutes.  He began slowly undressing me and we lay down.

He quickly eased down my body and his tongue went to work and had me squirming and moaning in no time.  The man has skillz!  Then he added his equally talented fingers and I was off again.  He got up and I took him into my mouth and got him worked up. He stopped me though as he didn't want to cum yet.  He teasingly entered me alternating short shallow strokes with deep thrusts while watching me moaning and writhing under him.

Then I was on top and kind of grinding and riding.  OK, I completely admit this is an area where I lack talent.  I'm short but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  Maybe I just need more practice or to watch more porn.  Sorry, Rob.  But that didn't seem to lessen our enjoyment one bit.  He came hard after he was back on top with my legs over his arms.

One nice thing this time is we had time to lay together and talk and tease each other.  It was a lot of fun.  We ordered pizza and ate and then had dessert.  ;)  We were able to be more adventurous and tried some different positions and took pictures.  He teased my nipples and twisted and played and we made out and fucked some more.  He fingered and licked me to too many orgasms to count.  I was finally able to fulfill my fantasy of blowing him to completion.  It was great!

Last night was so much fun and I enjoyed it so much!  I was hoping to stay over but they were calling for snow all day today.  (Ha!  The sun is shining here!!  But it is snowing further north, I understand)  Unfortunately as were getting ready to leave, Rob developed the symptoms of a migraine.  I was hoping he would be seeing stars of a different sort...lol. Feel better soon, hun.

As I was driving back home, I decided to take a somewhat quicker route than usual.  It occurred to me that recently I've become more familiar with this twisty, narrow road that I used to avoid.  It's led me to quite a few of my recent adventures.  I drove home smiling and anticipating my next journey down this now familiar road.

Friday, January 17, 2014

FFF-1/17- First Do No Harm

Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +100 if you tell us your opinion on ObamaCare.
Required Phrase: "First, do no harm"
Forbidden Concept: Don't make it about blue balls.
Extra Credit: Throw some medical mumbo jumbo in there. 

She was so freaking bored.  She had been laying in this bed for nearly 7 days following her 2nd surgery.  Today was the day she was supposedly going home.  Her boyfriend, David, had better not be late picking her up either!  She flounced back against the pillows and jarred her arm.  She gasped in pain.  Ok, so maybe she did need to be here.

They were on their way to the beach and it was supposed to be her "Senior Week" too since she had been gypped out of hers a few years before.  Stupid Anthony had to drink too much on the way down so that's how David and I wound up in his truck.  Then we missed the exit and everyone else was miles ahead of us when it happened.  The car only a few feet in front of us turned left and we had no choice.  David had the imprint of the steering wheel and brake pedal on his body he had tried so hard to avoid hitting her.  I wasn't so lucky and broke both bones in my right arm as well as my left leg.

"I can't lay in this bed another minute," she thought.  She had mastered the crutches already.  And the therapist was encouraging her to move around.  She grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower carefully.  She stopped when she heard the moans coming from the room at the end of the hall.  Looking around for a nurse to help the obviously in pain patient, she eased her way to the door to let them know she was trying to get help.

She gasped as she peeked into the room.  Nurse "Ratched"  was on the bed with the super hot orderly.  She just stood there watching as his hands dove into the nurse's panties.  The moans emanating from the nurse made it clear, he knew what he was doing.  Blushing she quickly turned around to make her way out as quietly as possible.  Forgetting all about her shower, she slowly went back to her room.

David was there when she returned.  "Hey, are you ready to go home?"

"Not quite yet," she whispered, as she pulled him down onto the bed with her.  Catching Nurse "Ratched's" eye as she rounded the doorway, she winked as the nurse backed out.

OK, I ran over so I have to share how I feel about Obamacare:  I don't like it.  (Sorry, it's late and I'm too tired to go into the whys and why nots.) Plus I realized I didn't use the required phrase, so I cheated and made it the headline--Oops!   Hope you all have a great weekend and please stay safe.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

"...of Mice and men often go awry."  (Or "gang aft agley" if you prefer the original verbiage from the Robert Burns poem "To A Mouse").  But for me "ganging aft agley" IS the norm.  I mean why should I bother making plans.  As my friend's often tell me, "Something always happens with you and you ALWAYS have a story!"  Why should my highly anticipated weekend this time be any different?!

I was supposed to leave Saturday morning, however, I learned late Friday night there was a death in the family of a distant relative and my mother wanted to go to the funeral.   However, she needed someone to sit with my nephew.  Well, of course, I would do it.  (Boy did he make me regret that decision!  WW3 at my house is officially over and I won!!!)

Then later I thought I would (for once in my life) actually pack my clothes for a trip the night before instead of my usual running through the house grabbing everything I won't need.  It didn't seem to make a difference since I, in all my gracefulness, promptly stumbled down the steps and managed to catch myself from falling but slammed my left foot HARD on the corner of the steps.  I bruised it badly, thankfully not breaking anything this time!  After that I could hardly put any weight on my foot.  At that point, I said "fuck it" and hobbled into the kitchen to pour myself some stiff medication to wash down some Advil.

The original plan for the entire trip was to meet my friend, Jamie, in person for the first time. Come hell or high water (and for awhile I thought it would come to that since it rained for 2 days!)  I was going to meet this man.  Sunday dawned bright and beautiful so I took off early.  He called me from the road to make sure I was still coming and I assured him I was.  He told me he would get in touch when he arrived at his hotel.  In the meantime I drove to the area and caught up with some friends and hung out with them at a bar anxiously awaiting his call.

I had told a friend, I would drop her off on my way to meet him and then I could change and get ready at her place.  The call came in right on time and we took off.  I was kinda nervous about meeting him but driving in the DC traffic blew that out of the water.  I was so glad to be out of it that I felt pretty relaxed about meeting him by the time I knocked on his door.  It opened and there he stood.  Finally, after months, we were together!

We hugged and made small talk while getting a drink.  We sat on the bed and grinned at each other when he finally leaned in for a kiss.  It was hot and passionate and I knew the online chemistry we had was real.  He invited me to lay down on the other bed for a massage.  That lasted just a few minutes before we began shedding our clothes and really began exploring each other.

My nipples were at attention when he began sucking and kissing and nibbling and squeezing with his teeth.   The sensations were going straight to my clit.  I was already soaked when his fingers found me and stroked me to my first orgasm.  Then he kissed his way down my body and dipped his talented tongue between my legs.  He growled and the vibrations I felt had me moaning and cumming again.

He got up for a brief respite and to show me the toys he brought.  He walked to the edge of the bed and stood in front of me and I was able to wrap my tongue around him at last.  He was very hard and I took him in my mouth.  Mmmm.  I love the contrast of a man's soft skin over the hardness.  We got into a 69 but I'm afraid I didn't pay him the attention he deserved as his talented tongue was driving me to distraction.

He then brought out the pink vibrator he brought and put it to immediate good use and I was cumming again and moaning.   He grabbed a condom and pulled me and opened me for him.  And then that sublime moment when he first enters had me throwing my head back.  We got into a good fast rhythm quickly and I could feel him stretching me and it felt so good.  I was holding his shoulders when he tensed and came hard.  Wow!  Oh yes! Chemistry!

We grabbed our drinks and hung out on the bed watching the end of the football game and kissing and fondling a bit.  Then we decided to get some dinner.  Here things again went "agley."  Jamie had a family emergency that required his immediate attention.  I completely understood and we headed back to the hotel to gather our things.  I was concerned for him (although things did eventually prove to be ok) but I tried to let him know how much I enjoyed our short but sweet and very hot time together.  I know our time together didn't end the way either of us wanted but it definitely left me wanting more.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

FFF-1/10- S-crying-over you

I'm so excited to be participating in my first FFF of the new year!   Welcome to our wonderful new host, Thomas.  And now for this week's prompt!

Character Limit: 2,014 (without spaces)... or if you can't count characters, 201.4 words.
Required Words: Scrying
Forbidden Name: Justin Bieber
Extra Credit: Predict something that will happen in 2014. But don't predict a specific person's death -- that's bad karma.
Bonus Words: If your prediction comes true, +100 words you can tack onto a future FFF!

The three best friends stumbled down the boardwalk laughing uncontrollably.  The free drinks in the casinos were obviously overconsumed.  They were drenched and covered in sand because I dragged them to the ocean to touch the water.  I couldn't resist its pull...even in frigid January.

"Oh look," Alexis cried. "It's a fortune teller!"

Brian scoffed and told her not to waste her time or money.  "It's all hocus-pocus bullshit!"  

I teased him for being a spoilsport.  Squinting at the sign, I asked, "What's scrying?"

We all jumped when the heavily accented voice behind us intoned, "It means divination with the use of a crystal ball or clear surface.  Come inside and I will tell you what can be seen."  We soberly walked behind her.

Alexis was taken back first.  Brian and I huddled on the tiny sofa.  I whispered," This is bullshit, right?"  He swallowed and said "Absolutely!".

Alexis stepped out looking wide-eyed.  I asked if she was ok and she answered yes even as she nervously glanced back at Brian.  15 minutes later he emerged from behind the curtain gazing at Alexis with new-found insight.

I stood and moved behind the curtain.  I sat and took the wizened hands. I rolled my eyes as she told me "I would meet a tall, dark stranger."  I was skeptical as she droned on and on.  

10 minutes later I would look up into the dark blue eyes of the stranger who would help me as I tripped over the threshold.  2 years more and we would trip up the aisle with Alexis and Brian as our attendants.  

Who's scrying now?

Happy FFF!  Again welcome to Thomas.  I know im over on words..oops.  beat me later, ok?   have a good weekend!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I cannot wait until this weekend.  I am actually venturing out of hibernation and heading back to my old stomping grounds in the Metro DC area.  Road trip!   Whoop!!  I. Cannot. Wait.  While I am very excited to see all of my friends, admittedly I am most excited to meet a new one, Jamie.

We made contact through the blog and have been chatting now for several months. This weekend we will meet for the first time. We've talked on the phone quite a bit and have even Skyped a few times.   I included the picture because, I often find myself in similar circumstances during our conversations.

It's been great fun so far.  I'm absolutely positive the reality will be much hotter than what I have imagined.  I tremble just thinking about it.   He says he is bringing toys for us to play with.  Oh this is going to be so much fun!  I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!

Hope everyone is having a good week.  To everyone in the bitter cold, stay warm folks!  I'm predicting a heat wave somewhere in the mid-Atlantic this weekend. ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Juicy Juice

"If you like pina coladas..."
I was getting a little grocery shopping done today when I came around the corner and came upon this sight.  I immediately thought of Thomas of Three Spelling Mistakes post about Pineapple juice.  I had to take a few pix.

The best part was when an older gentleman stopped to ask why I was taking a picture.  I looked at him to judge whether or not I could possibly tell him the truth but I decided to go with the more lady-like answer of "private joke."

They were clearly stocking the endcap on this aisle. Hmmm...a run on pineapple juice locally, huh? Maybe it's time to rejoin Match.   Lol.