Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Girl Gone Badder

As mentioned previously I had a chance to participate in a little blog experiment conducted by Ryan over at The Ashley Madison Adventures of A Regular Guy Gone Bad.  I don't know that I've ever mentioned it but his was the first "sex" (he also writes about sports, food & music) blog I ever read.  I found him after looking for tips on how to succeed on AM.  I began reading and I was hooked by his humor and his story.

From there I was a blog-reading addict and I found lots of your wonderful blogs.  I was fascinated by this world filled with sexy, sex-positive people.  Often it was fun and lite-hearted but often deeply thought provoking.  And it was always arousing whether from the sexy pics or the amazing recounting of all your sexy adventures.

But I digress yet again.  Ryan decided he would create a profile on AM based on Forrest Gump and if you winked at him, he would write you back and provide you the full "Ryan experience."  I was curious and thought it would be fun to interact with my blog-"first."  And he didn't disappoint.

His message was fun and funny.  Intelligent and highly personalized to me as he is very familiar with my little spot of the world.  I was highly impressed and I would say it's probably the best message I've ever received from any guy on AM.  This is how it should be done!   Shocking the combo of "wanna fuck?" sent along with dick pix just doesn't do it for me.

As Ryan asked in his wrap-up what did we really learn (besides the fact he thought I was "easy"...but not in a slutty way!  thank goodness!)  I concur with his assessment...nothing really but in a way he's right.  Just be true to yourself, well "ironically true" I guess since we're all lying about something on that site.  Admittedly I don't hang out on AM much anymore but this was a fun experiment.  Thanks Ryan for the invitation to the "Ryan experience."

Friday, September 27, 2013

FFF- Sept. 27- FFF Threesome

Required Words:  Season(s), Cousin
Forbidden Words:  Ranger, Farmer, Park, Rock, Wheat, Trombone
Extra Words:  Go up to 600 words if you use both pictures in the same story.
Extra Credit:  Make us hope that winter never comes

Note:  As far as I know this is a FFF first.  I thought 2 pictures, 2 guys, one girl....mmmm the possiblities are endless.  But what two guys?  Why 2 of my favorite bloggers of course...Curious Rob and James of JF Break.  Alas James was unable to make it.  So please enjoy Rob's and my efforts.

And if you want to make it a foursome or moresome, head on over to Advizor's place for all your FFF needs.

"Rob, do you remember that summer at camp with your cousin James?"  She looked up at him as they walked up the steep path.

"Of course!  How could I ever forget?  Now this should be isolated enough."  Looking around he couldn't see anyone for miles. He began to remove his clothes.

"Much better than the parkway.  I wanted to shove that guy off the freaking cliff!"  Cynthia said as she rapidly undressed.  "I want to finish what I started that day under the tree!"  She leaned him against the boulder kissed him deeply and dropped to her knees.  She began by licking him around the rim then running her tongue around his cock getting him slick with her saliva.  Rob moaned above her and she peeked up at him smiling.  Taking him deeply in her mouth she worked her tongue at those sensitive spots underneath.  He grew even bigger as she felt underneath and caressed his balls.

"Cynthia!  Mmm..oh God...oh Cyn!  I'm close, baby.  Oh God!  I'm gonna cum!"  His moans and groans echoed off the peaks around them, thrilling Cynthia.  She reached between her legs and began to stroke her clit as Rob finally gave her what she'd been hoping for.

They spent the entire afternoon together in the sun and no one stumbled upon them for once.  It was bliss making love in the clean mountain air.  Later as the sun went down and the air began to cool, Rob tossed her her clothes.

"Honey, what made you ask about summer camp?"

"Well, I do have that business trip to Ft. Worth coming up.  And I just thought while I'm in Texas, why not try to see James?  It's been an awfully long time since summer camp."

"I'm sure he'd make the trip up 35 to see you."


"Cynthia!  She heard James call and she rushed into his arms giving him a tight hug and quick kiss.

He held her at arms length running his eyes up and down her body.  "My you sure have filled out in all the right places since summer camp,"  he laughed.  She swatted his arm playfully.

"C'mon you old rogue.  Let's get on the road.  You promised me the big Texas-style welcome!"

She heard James chuckle as he walked around the truck.  They caught up and it was as if the years never passed as they sped down the road.  She asked about Veronica and filled him in on all the happenings back east. Suddenly James took an exit slowing the truck, he pulled over next to a field.  "Cynthia, the truth is I've missed you and I never really thought we'd have this chance again.  Come with me," as he reached over the seat and grabbed a blanket and some wine.

They walked a bit and he stopped and pulled her into his arms.  Shedding clothes they dropped onto the blanket.  She couldn't get enough of his cock and he was fingering and lapping her to orgasm after orgasm. Suddenly she rolled over pulling him onto her.  She gasped when she felt him fill her after decades apart.  He kissed her deeply as he came inside her body.  After they lay in the sun sharing the wine.  He sat up and said "Let's go.  I have one more surprise for you."

In the truck he told her to open the glovebox.  She reached in and pulled out tickets to the Redskins-Cowboys game!  Her mouth dropped open!

"We're going straight to the stadium."  He checked his pocket for the other ticket.  There was one more surprise waiting for her.  Rob.

Note:  Thanks to James and Rob for both playing along.  This was kind of an impulse move and it was put together literally overnight.  I really liked both pix and Rob and I had practically written the story in the first picture already.  I just finished the story the way I wanted to that day.  I really wish James was able to join us and if you haven't already, please check out The Veronica Story for more of his fabulous writing.  

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Girl Gone Bad

Before my first Amorous Misadventure there was the beginning on AM.  My grandmother (God rest her soul) once gave me a cute little statue of a toad and etched underneath was this: "Before you meet your handsome prince, you gotta kiss a lot of horny toads."  I don't think Grandma really got the full implication of that statement but I was young enough then, I didn't either.  But oh Grandma was wise even if she didn't realize it!  In the little over a year I've been on AM, I've received hundreds of messages, winks, pic requests, and I don't even want to know how many dicks I've seen.  I've still only actually met one person from there.

A lot of it is my location.  I live in a small town in a rural area.  I can't host and I don't have a lot of time, money or the inclination to drive an hour or two for a coffee date.  But in the real world we exist in now, it is pretty easy to get to know someone rather well in the cyber world.  Through Skype you can have any kind of date you, wine, or "dessert"  all from the comfort of your own living room or even your own bed.   You can text or IM with someone all day at work and, of course, email. Isn't technology amazing?  So I find this is most often how my encounters play out on AM.  This isn't to say I'm not willing to meet, I am!

Even with just the one hookup, it's been fun from the beginning.  The first guy to make contact, Oliver (not his real fake set the bar pretty high.  He is a couple hours away and for him I would totally make that drive!  He is sexy and handsome, witty and charming and so intelligent I always had to be at the top of my game.  I'll never forget our first few messages.  He had responded to a note from me about how he would have rather spent that weekend by stating something about licking whipped cream from my legs.  I happened to be standing in the break room at work when I read that.  Realizing I needed to put my lunch away, I walked over to the fridge and opened the door only to see 4 cans of whipped cream standing there!  My mouth dropped open and I busted out laughing.

It was, of course, just a coincidence...remnants from an ice cream party for the weekend shift.  But there for a second my head whipped around looking for cameras.  We both got a big kick out of it and I was a little sad when those cans finally disappeared from the fridge because Oliver seemed to vanish along with them.  But he's still around and were he to even crook his little finger at me there's no doubt, I'd go running.

Crazily enough the second guy I made serious contact with, Tyler,  featured another strange circumstance.  I was heading to NOVA (Northern VA for those outside the Beltway) last Labor Day to visit my friends and attend a concert.  I headed up the interstate excited and just couldn't wait to see my friends.  I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's/gas station and filled the gas tank and headed on up the road not thinking any more about it.  I got to the DC area and had a great time with my friends and Jimmy Buffett was in fine form.

After several late nights, my girlfriend crashed early.  I was still in vacation mode and raring to go.  I figured I would settle down and watch movies and fall asleep.  However, my phone chirped and I was thrilled to see it was from Tyler asking how the weekend was going.  We had exchanged a few emails but quickly progressed to texting.  As he travels a lot, I asked him where he was.  His answer shocked me a bit.  He had just got to his hotel in Florida after leaving his latest project.  In Virginia.  At an exit off interstate know the one with the Wendy's/gas station!  OMG!

He was there working on a commercial building project just a few hundred feet away as I was getting lunch and gas.  I couldn't believe it and neither could he.  If we had known, of course, we would have made the effort to get together.  I guess I never mentioned where the concert was and he thought I was going to the Richmond side of the state.  We laughed about it and wound up texting til all hours.  I was a little tipsy and ended up sending him some naughty pix.

He sent me a face pic that night and I was immediately drawn to his entirely mischievous adorable grin!  Combine that with his smart ass, sense of humor and I was a goner.  But we never have gotten any closer than that few hundred feet.  Work would bring him within driving distance to me but something would always come up for one or both of us.  Don't ever give up though.  He's recently been back in touch!  :)

There have been lots more since then and in between.  I know i've gone on and on and I did a complete 180 from where I intended to go.  I meant to write about a recent blog/AM experiment conducted by the handsome, hilarious and the ever so charming Mr. Ryan Beaumont at his place, Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad (long titles is one of his most endearing traits).  Hence the name of this post--I promise I wasn't trying to rip off his nom d'amour.  So I invite you back to read the 2nd part to be continued later.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Got Something

The last time we met I was bitching and moaning that "I Got Nothing".  Well, give me a few days and I' ll find some trouble to get into.  I was sitting outside Monday on my day off  having lunch and enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather we've had lately.   I hear my phone go whoop and reach for it thinking it was my friend I'd been texting with all morning.   Imagine my surprise when I picked up the phone to see a message from Allen of Amorous Misadventures.

As it turns out he was coming back this way and asked to see me.  I was excited and texted him back that I thought we could work something out.  As it happens earlier that day I had bought a lil plaid, schoolgirl-ish looking skirt. When I got home and tried it on I knew immediately I wouldn't be wearing it in public but I figured I could still have a little fun with it.  Later that night we were texting and flirting a little bit when I asked him if he wanted to see the new skirt I bought.  His answer, of course, yes!

So I started out sending teasing pics with the skirt gradually getting higher and higher (not that it had too much higher it could go!).  And I got excellent feedback!  :)  The texting got sexier and sexier and I even got pictures and video of him.  All this build up and fun, flirty texting just makes the anticipation higher.  It truly is foreplay for me.

So by the time Wednesday rolled around I was practically a giddy schoolgirl...but without the skirt.  I was worthless yesterday at work.  I had to re-arrange my schedule in order to see him so it was going to be too late for dinner together.  He went out to eat and I snuck out a little bit early from work, sped home, grabbed a quick shower changed into my sexy date night clothes and heels.  I grabbed a bite to eat on the way over and he texted me the room number.

I knocked on the door and it opened and there he stood, very tall and handsome .  We both grinned and he kissed me hello.  He fixed drinks and sat on the sofa with me as I ate and we caught up on events since February.  I quickly finished and things got a little quiet and he leaned over and kissed me.  We were quickly wrapped around each other and making out like teenagers.  He stood up and pulled me to the bed undressing me along the way.

I laid back against the pillows and he put his talented tongue and fingers to very good use.  There's this one move he has that just drives me over the edge every. single. time.  And then he sat up and really got into his work and that turned me on even more.  He held me and kissed me while I came back to earth.  I then I pulled off his shirt and ran my fingers over his big, broad chest grazing his nipples, kissed him on the neck and moved south.  He was soft as I took him in my mouth.  But it's exciting to feel him grow in your mouth and know that you did that.  I peeked up at him and he moaned and I did too.  He kept moaning how good it felt and I just increased my efforts.  Soon he let me know he was going to cum but he wanted to be in my pussy.

He pulled me kinda forcefully to the edge of the bed and pushed my legs further apart.  Mmmm...I loved it...manhandle me in bed, please!  He went a little soft and I helped him out and got him nice and hard again.  He then flipped me over on my knees but maybe I'm just not built for doggy style or it was the height differential and we just never hit the right rhythm.  I felt his frustration as he lost it once again.  I again took him in my mouth and I could taste us both!  I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was standing over me, kind of leaning against me.  We got into an amazing rhythm then and he began thrusting faster and I realized he was fucking my face, something I had never previously been able to accomplish, but not because I didn't want to.  He abruptly pulled out and pushed me under him and his very hard cock into me and growled as he came.  I held him as he shook in my arms and kissed him and rubbed his back.

After he seemed a little shy and I wondered if he was worried about performance issues so I felt awkward wanting to reassure but not knowing,  I didn't want to make it one either if I was misinterpreting.  Or something like that.   He again fixed us drinks as we chatted in bed.  Soon he was up and getting dressed and poured a final nightcap.  I followed his lead and dressed minus the heels.  I laughingly asked if I could get away with walking through the lobby without them.  He said he knew a "secret" way out.  He pulled me into his arms for one last long kiss and then I went back for one more.  I escaped through the secret getaway with heels in hand.

Monday, September 16, 2013

I Got Nothing

I mean it.  Really. Nada. Zip. Zilch.  A big fat zerO.  And yet somehow I thought this weekend might be different.  After all I had received messages or texts from no less than 4 new guys (well one was making a re-appearance) throughout the week.  All but one were somewhat local.  I was looking forward to at least going to dinner with my family after work Saturday but no that got cancelled too.

But wait as I was driving home, I get a text from (let's call him) GB asking if I had plans that night. I quickly texted him back that I needed to get a shower and after that I was free.  He said to give him a few minutes and he would call.  I got to the house and waited a "few" minutes before I hopped in the shower.  Well, I get in the shower with the phone turned all the way up on the counter.  Nothing.  So I wait a "few" more minutes before I got dressed.  45 minutes go by and I send a quick text reminding him of my existence.

Finally 45 minutes after my text and 90 minutes after the original "gimme a few minutes"  I get a response and he's still working.  I get it. I do. I understand you're busy and especially if you're the owner of a successful business how much hard work it takes.  My response..."Look it's after 8...I've worked 8 hours, I'm starving, and I'm off tomorrow..why don't we do something then?"  I get an "OK" back.  Sigh.

Later that night I hear my phone go "whoop" and I grabbed it eagerly thinking it might be GB.  Nope.  It was some guy I had chatted with earlier in the year.  He was eager to meet but I just have a "feeling" and keep putting him off.  I'm sure he's fine and it would be totally hot if we were to hook up..but something makes me hesitant.  Thinking I was texting (lets call him) J, I sent him a response or so I thought.  As it turns out I texted GB!

That led to a little flirting and some sexy chat but that fizzled out when I revealed (as Rob calls it) "shark week" was making it's monthly appearance.   He said he would text Sunday but I knew that wasn't going to happen.  And I was right.   Later that night, I sent him a quick text asking how his day went.  And yeah, I got nothing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

FFF-Sept. 13- Tent-A-Wha?!

Word Length = 9 inches  (LOL)
Word Count = 200
Forbidden Words = Cock, Penis, Schlong, Tower of Power
Required Words =  Tentiginous, & Anticipation
Bonus Words = See Comment section below ((Birthdate + age)/3)+15
(Ladies) Tell us about your biggest
(Men) Admit one insecurity
Extra Credit = How long has he been like that and did others see him?

Want to see more wood like that, then head over to Advizor's ;-)  for all your FFF needs!
David crawled out of bed grinning sheepishly at the memory of the erotic dream. About her, always her. He made his way to the kitchen, towards the coffee with tentiginous glee, morning wood pointing the way. Leaning against the counter he savored the coffee and the memories. Her long, sexy legs and the briefest flash of her thigh-highs. Her cleavage as she bent to hand over a report. Did he imagine her hand lingering a tad too long when she touched his arm to steady herself?  Coming out of his reverie, he shuffled off to shower. 

He nodded to his co-workers as he made his way to the elevators. Suddenly he raised his head in anticipation as he heard the click of heels on the marble behind him. 

"Good moning, Brenda," he croaked. 

"Hi! Mr. Roberts," she said cheerily. "My,  you look dashing today." 

He mumbled his thanks and held his breath as he swiftly moved his case in front of him and moved to the back of the elevator. He took in the vision in front of him. Red sundress, long tanned legs ending in dainty sandals. The fall of her long dark hair over her shoulders. "Shit, not again." Quickly adjusting himself and keeping his case firmly in front of him, he made his way off the elevator. As he passed his assistant, her eyes widened. 

"Kathy, can you get me the helpline number for Pfizer?" 
I had 38 bonus words to work with this week.  And now I get to tell you about the biggest.  I was rather young when I first hooked up with The Pole.   What?  He's from  To that point I thought guys like that only existed in Playgirl.  At least 8 in.  Lately i've had the distinct pleasure to experience the very impressive Rob.  But, sorry hun, the biggest was a one night stand last year...probably 9 in and couldn't wrap one hand around it.  Biggest was  good but yeah, I was sore for a week.  It's not the's the guy it's attached to that makes the difference.  

Happy Friday, y'all.  Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Back Porch

If you would have told me 20 years ago, that I would wake up most mornings before 7am without an alarm clock, I would have laughed in your face.  Heck, probably even 5 years ago.  Suffice it to say I was NOT a morning person back then.  Now almost every day, I am up before 7 and if I "sleep in," it is rarely past 8am.  One of my greatest joys in the mornings is taking my coffee and Kindle to my back porch.  I sit and sip and read often catching up on all your wonderful blogs.

As you can see to the left, I also take my camera (phone) with me and I sometimes get lucky to get pictures of the various flora and fauna that flutter by.  My home is surrounded by woods on 3 sides.  I enjoy listening to the forest wake up around me.  The squirrels run and jump and make racket in the trees.  The birds sing and the crows startle me me when they "caw" loudly over head.  The deer eat peacefully wandering along the edge.  They have long lost their fear of me.  There's even a bunny I catch hopping across the bright green of the lawn on occasion

My back porch is also where my weight loss journey began 2 years ago.  I would take my MP3 player and dance with the man in the moon.  However, little did I know this year, I would have a chance to begin my very own dance craze.  One lovely day I went out and plopped down on my rocking chair.  Suddenly I felt something on my thigh and swatted it away.  Even more suddenly I realized that tickling feeling was swiftly making its way up my shorts!  I quickly jumped up and thus the Lizard-In-The-Pants dance craze was born! No, not THAT lizard in your pants..the cute lil guy to the right.  What are the steps you ask...simple!  You shriek and scream like the devil is after ya!  And yes...I wish I had it in on video too!

Of course I don't get to start every day there.  We've had so much rain this summer!  The porch isn't covered except for the bit covered by the eave of the roof high above.  But even when raining I'll sometimes step out to enjoy the soft sound of the drops falling amongst the trees.  One such morning I was on the step when I realized there was a line splitting my vision.  It was
Perfectly straight and vertical and I shook my head and rubbed my eyes thinking it was an optical illusion.  When I opened my eyes again, it should have been gone but it was still there.  I stepped back to gain perspective and it was then I realized what I was seeing...a spider web...perfectly formed.  It was floating in the air attached to a tall rose bush and that one perfectly vertical gossamer string extending 10 feet! To the eave above.  I quickly grabbed my camera and got the best shot I could knowing it wouldn't do it justice.  Later before work, after the rain cleared and it was sunny again, I stepped out into the yard to see if the web was still there.  I hoped it hadn't been destroyed by the rain.  It was there but I could barely see it and I don't think I ever would except for the gift of the rain that day.

I go to the back porch to begin my day, to end my evening, to dance, to eat, to catch the sun and if Im lucky, the very rare snowflake.  I go there to think, to socialize, to worry and to grieve.  I can sit there and worry or I can get up and dance, dance, dance.  And then. Then there are days when I step out and am completely blessed to see this... from my back porch.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football!

Yay!  My favorite season is finally here!  It's not fall or spring or summer.  IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!  :-)   I love NFL, college and yes will even go to some local high school games.  Oh   and in case you were wondering....

RG3 baby!

I think it's gonna be a great season!  Hope you all enjoy the season and have fun rooting for your team!

Friday, September 6, 2013

FFF-Sept. 6-Gasp!

Word Count = 275

Required Word = Wager

Forbidden Words = Porn, Panties, Camera

Bonus Words = Tell us where to the pictures end up a year later (+43 words)

Extra Credit = Add a picture of your own.

Go see the oh-so-fabulous Advizor for all your Flash Fiction Friday fun!

She sagged against the door..shrugged off her purse and coat, letting them drop to the floor.  She headed straight to the freezer and grabbed the Grey Goose. She could hardly believe this night but knew it would be one she would cherish in the years to come.

It had all started innocently enough.  They were such good friends in college..shared some amazing experiences.  Well, now that I think about it..he always seemed to be on the sidelines back then.  But not tonight.!     There was no doubt who was in charge tonight.!"

He cornered her.  Pushing her against the wall with his body, he leaned down to lick her ear.."You remember our wager?"  "Which one was that?" I  panted.  "At the wedding bet me it would last and I said not past  18 months!"   

Breathlessly I ask..what was our wager?   You promised you would pose nude for me. "I looked indignantly over my shoulder over him...AS IF!   Oh it was on then!  He swiftly threw me down.  I was helpless and so turned on as he  clicked away between my wetness.

Feel just a lil bit scattered today. Extra credit earned...see below.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Misadventures Too

This is the continuation of the story of my first  AM adventure.  I had met Allen at the beginning of the year and we had a wonderful evening.  After I got home we continued the sexy chat and recapped the highlights.  He seemed just as giddy as me.  I wondered why the hell I didn't just stay!  I didn't have to work and it was still snowing when I left.

He went home the next day and once again that evening we were texting until late at night.  We quickly made arrangements to meet again the following week as he was traveling my way.  This time he decided he would come to me.  I was impressed as our little town was a bit out of his way.  He booked a hotel suite at a nice place in town.  

I had left work early that day so I could do a little extra pampering.  This time he was the one running a little late.  I once again wore my boots (with leggings and a long red sweater if you're interested).  I excitedly knocked on the door and there he his boxers!  I was a little shocked and couldn't help but laugh.  I quickly went inside as someone was coming down the hall.  But then he pulled me in his arms and kissed me hard.  

So much for all the extra pampering...he was pulling off my clothes as we were kissing.  I sat down to take off my boots.  I was naked on the bed within 5 minutes!   With all the build up over the week, we were both a little over-excited.  I was dripping wet and he was hard as stone.  He fingered me to a quick hard orgasm.  We laughed a bit about how worked up we were.  But I didn't want to leave him hanging.  I quickly took him into my mouth and with just a few licks and sucks, he was cumming hard.  This time I was ready for him but he again pulled out.  Wow!  We had both cum within 10 minutes of me walking into the room.

We lounged on the bed laughing and cuddling and catching up.  He had some beer and once again he had brought some vodka.  We enjoyed our drinks sneaking kisses and touches and soon the drinks were forgotten and we were entwined on the bed again.  He had condoms with him and I was finally going to feel his hard cock inside me.  

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and flipped me on to my knees.  I held my breath...and um..well I could feel him fumbling and poking around back there but the condom had desensitized everything and he just couldn't maintain.  We kinda were both apologizing and things were a little quiet as we dressed for dinner.  

We went out and things felt a little forced.  We shared our meal and both ordered drinks.and thankfully as they kicked in we both relaxed and finally things were back to normal.  We headed back to the room laughing at some goob on a "sex-advice" show on sattelite radio. We were again relaxed and laughing again as we entered the room.  We collapsed on the sofa turned on the TV and watched some stupid reality show.  Suddenly I was like WTF am I doing and I jumped his bones.

Next thing we were back on the bed and he was between my legs and we finally had that OMG-it's-amazing-he's-inside-me moment.  Oh felt sooo good.  He put my legs over his shoulders and then he SPANKED my ass!  I was soon lost in a series of orgasms as he pounded me harder and harder.  He shouted out he was gonna cum and pulled out and shot on my belly.

I slipped into the bathroom to clean up and he took a call.  When I came out he was at the desk on his computer.  Somehow once again things were awkward.  I re-dressed but couldnt find my bra.  We kissed goodbye and I walked toward the door.  He called me back and I turned expectantly but he was just giving me my bra.  I stuffed it in my purse.

I hated the bad feeling I had.  There was no sexy chat after this time and I maybe received two disinterested texts later that week.  He had disappeared.   I sent emails but nothing...until 4 months later and he was back in town but I couldn't meet.

I thought it was over..until last week ;-)  Hopefully this will be continued!