Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What? Has it Been That Long?

Wow!  It's been 6 months yesterday since my blogging adventures began.  What a wonderful adventure it has been!  I'm so grateful to be a part of this community and for all of the friends I have made here.

I remember I was so bored at work last summer and logged onto AM and was discouraged once again.  My first AM contact had flipped his lid and went on a rant against all women! WTF!!!  I was disgusted and wanted to know if this whole AM thing was a scam so I Googled and stumbled upon The AM Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad.  I quickly read through his archive and I was hooked.  But over on the right was a list of other similarly minded people.  What a fascinating world I stumbled into.

I kept reading and finally stumbled onto another blog that would change my course again. It was about a curious guy called Rob.  By this time I had begun commenting on a few blogs and realizing he was fairly close to me, I got up enough courage to write to him. (When I went back to check, it was exactly 7 months yesterday I wrote to him!)  This led to several adventures over the summer, the highlight culminating at Exit 137.

I will always be grateful to Rob for encouraging me to start blogging and for making my introduction to many of you.  Thank you so much.  On another note, my heart is hurting for you right now and please know that I'm there for you in anyway I can be.

One of the things I had most anticipated about blogging was being able to participate in Advizor's FFF.  I remember how anxious I was when I published my first effort and how gratified I was to receive such nice comments.  Advizor announced this week he is passing the torch to the wonderful Thomas at Three Spelling Mistakes.  Thank you Advizor for being such a wonderful host.  Thomas will also be an excellent host and he writes the most creative and interesting posts.  (But I've never found any spelling mistakes.)

All in all blogging has been wonderful and I'm so grateful to have made such wonderful friends.  I look forward to many more adventures.  There were definitely some low points this year (that whole job situation is still trying to get worked out).  And I'm anticipating a move this year (I hate moving!) whether I stay local or move a little further away hasn't been decided yet.

And then there's been an aspect of blogging, I didn't quite expect.  That is meeting and interacting with the readers of the blog.  It has led to a quite pleasant surprise.  Jamie, a wonderful man I've been talking to for awhile whom I haven't mentioned yet.  We have plans to meet soon and I absolutely cannot wait!

Thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, lurking (I see you out there).  I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and please, please stay safe on the roads.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Word Limit213
Required Ending- "WOW, that was.....(fill in the blank)"
Forbidden words -Smoke
Bonus Words Don't leave her alone (unless you are into that)
Extra Credit - Buy and extra present for a local Christmas toy drive (50 words and a smug feeling of satisfaction for each toy donated)

Go see Santa Claus to see who's naughty or nice this Fff.  No wait..go see Advizor.  I get them mixed up..lol.

They had two amazing adventures on Skype the two previous nights.  It was the first time they had actually seen each other.  Although they had been teasing each other with words on a screen for weeks.  The chemistry between them was electric.  They set each other on fire with their words and the images exchanged.  Soon they would meet.  

Sadly she couldn't see him on video the third night.   She begged him to call her.  He promised he would but he gave instructions.  She listened intently.  He told her to go to her bed and lie back.  She should be naked and her fingers should be stroking her clit.  She should insert one finger, then two, then three.  She arched her back and tried to comply.  Despite her wetness, she barely managed two fingers.  The phone rang. 

She answered with a sharp intake of breath.  

"Hello,  Sir"  

"Are your fingers where they should be?" He asked.

"Yes," she moaned into his ear.

"Good girl."

She squirmed with glee. It was so nice to hear his deep voice. He gave her a gift and asked her what she wanted. She longed to massage his shoulders, ease his stress, drop to her knees before him.  Taste his release.  

He verbally lashed her with his tongue.  She lay there on the bed, panting, legs spread when she noticed the first whisp between her legs

Wow..oh WTF!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Bored Meeting Pt 1

"I now call this meeting to order," intoned the mayor.  "Please read the minutes from the last meeting into the record."

Giles sat back and listened as Sally droned on in that high pitched nasal voice and tried to tune it out.  Looking around he realized that Andrea was actually sitting beside him tonight.  Every meeting lately she had seemed a little more flirtatious, dressed a little more scantily, smelled more delicious.  He hoped he wasn't imagining it was for his benefit.

Suddenly he felt everyone looking at him expectantly.  He started guilty and realized they were waiting for him to open the floor for new business.

"Oops, you caught me."  The small crowd chuckled.

"Any new business?" he asked and then sighed as Mr. Winston leapt to his feet to regale them with his usual complaints of speeding traffic, barking dogs, etc.  He closed his eyes and sighed again as he caught a whiff of Andrea' s perfume.  He snuck a peek and realized she had moved her chair closer to his.  Shaking his head, he tried to refocus on the meeting.  He was the mayor for heaven's sake!

Suddenly he felt something brush softly against his leg.  Dismissing it as his imagination, he concentrated on Mr. Winston' s prattling.

Suddenly he heard her murmur,  "He's in fine form tonight.  But not as fine as you."   His eyes shot to her face .  She was calmly looking ahead while her silk stockinged foot eased under his slacks and up his leg.  He slumped a little more in his seat and angled his body toward her.  He looked decidedly ahead even though his heart was racing and he could feel his body stir.

Her soft foot was making patterns as it slowly stroked his leg.  He risked another glance.  He caught his breath when he saw her sweet Cheshire cat smile.  The little minx was enjoying this.  He let her go on wanting to see how far she would take this.  Her hand joined her foot on his leg.  She was drawing figure eights with her fingertips drawing ever closer to the object of her desire.  Catching her hand in his, he silently used his foot and slid her chair closer.  Hearing her sharp intake of breath, he smiled.  It was time to turn the tables on her.

Meetings are so productive, aren't they?  Since quite a few of you happen to spend a lot of time in one meeting or the other, I hope you can use this as a distraction in the next one.  You better get going...wouldn't want you to be late.  Look for the conclusion soon. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013


What a fun word to say!   Widget! Widget! Widget!  Lol.  OK...I'll stop.  All that to say I added an email widget if anyone cares to follow that way.  I'd hate for anyone to miss my pointless rantings.  :) Hope you're all having a good day.  Hold on...the weekend is almost here.

And...Widget! Widget! Widget!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All Steamed Up

Hello there!  Haven't been posting much because until recently not much had been going on.  That changed a bit yesterday.  I had been chatting online with a very nice gentleman from AM.  We had a couple of cancellations but finally had a chance to get together yesterday.  We were hoping for more time together but it was kind of a crazy morning for me and I got a late start.

Due to the inclement weather (ice glazing the trees-not the roads, thankfully) we had a little change of plans and met near his office.  He asked what I wanted to do and I suggested breakfast.  I was a little nervous and was completely embarassed because I had driven my sister-in-law's car.  It was a disaster.  Drink cans and trash everywhere.  But he said it was OK and off we went with him behind the wheel.  Tightly behind the wheel....he's a pretty big guy.

Breakfast was low key and we chatted a bit getting to know each other.  After we drove around for a bit and we seemed more relaxed with each other.  Before getting back to his office, he pulled into a parking garage.  We sat looking at each other and then he leaned in  for a kiss.  And then it was on.  We made out for awhile and things were getting pretty hot.  We steamed up all the windows actually.  :)  He pulled and twisted my nipples and reached his hand inside my shirt.  He put my hand on him over his jeans and he was hard and hot.  Eventually he took his cock out and I leaned over and took him in my mouth.  What a mouthful!  He is a big guy in every sense of the word!  I got him wet with my tongue and took him in as deep as I could.  Later he put his hands in my hair and pulled me to him passionately and kissed me so deep.  Mmmmm.  I liked that.  I've mentioned before that it's OK to manhandle me a little bit.  Yes, please.

Eventually we calmed down and he had to go back to work.  I spent the rest of the day in his town and went shopping and had lunch.  I must have been in a complete daze because I got lost and turned around leaving his area.  I didn't have any luck shopping but I really wasn't in the mood.  Well not for shopping anyway.  ;)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Well That Was Different

Tonight at work, I had my first (and hopefully only) panic or anxiety attack.  I've never felt anything like that and it was a very scary feeling.  I couldn't stop shaking, my heart was pounding and I was crying uncontrollably.  I know what triggered it and I'm fine now.  Well, maybe a little bit shaky.

It goes back to my father's illness and me taking care of him.  I was assigned to work in the colorectal cancer research study tonight.  My father and grandmother both died of colon cancer.  I was at my desk reading about the type of research we would be doing and immediately began flashing back.  I felt uncomfortable at first and then my hands began trembling as I was typing.  I decided to go to the restroom and splash water on my face and wrists since I felt hot.  Then I went back to my desk and said "Fuck it" and bummed a smoke from a friend (I was weak).

When I got outside, it began.  I'm pretty sure Rob thought I was losing my mind.  Thank you for helping me keep my shit together!  I made it back inside and had sense enough to talk to the "sensible" supervisor.  He immediately took me into an office and I explained what was going on.  I was instantly removed from the project.  My relief was immediate.

Later I managed to speak to my friend at work I call "My Old Army Buddy."   He told me what I was feeling was PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).  I tried to deny it.  I was never anywhere close to combat!   He grabbed and shook me and said  "But you were in trauma!"   And I guess I was.  I was fighting my memories.  I was fighting my Dad's cancer. I was fighting my mind.

I surrender. So I'm using this as my platform to say "Please, please get tested for colorectal cancer.  I know..oh how I know the tests are terrible..but it can save your life!!"   Please support Wounded Warriors Project and the American Cancer Society.  I'm going to bed now.