Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crazy, Messed Up Week

Yay!  My weekend is finally here.  Due to a recent involuntary job change, my weekends begin Saturday night and I'm off on Mondays (admittedly I like this).  I'm so glad this one is over. Nothing majorly bad happened but it just piled on.

I was sick with a sinus infection and missed a day of work (didn't really break my heart).  That night I was at the hospital with my niece who broke her arm earlier that day.  My nephew was terribly upset because she had to have surgery.  That DID break my heart.  He's had a rough time lately. Our beloved dog has gone missing or was taken and there has been no sign of him.  Last week we were both inconsolable and cried ourselves to sleep.

However, kids really bounce back quickly.  Tonight when I arrived at home, he was all excited to show me something.  As it turns out he learned how to make IEDs...aka blowing up water watching a video on YouTube.  So if I disappear suddenly I want you to know it's been really nice knowing and FFF'g with you as my good friend Sassy says.  Hopefully they'll release us from Gitmo when my nephew turns

And worst of all I got the courage to step on the scale...sigh.  Yep a 15lb gain since March!  There were a bunch of contributing factors...eating everything not nailed down,  pure-stinking laziness and it rained for an entire freaking month!  The schedule change did not help..i've never been a morning person and I cherished my evening walks watching the sunset over the mountains.  I'm unhappy and stressed and just really, really need to get over it!  But dammit I did it once and I WILL do it again!

Plus I'm horny and restless.  I need Room 105.  Thank goodness I have a date Monday night.  Attitude..among other things will be adjusted..and then I'll be alright.


  1. Hmmm it's amazing how fixing that one little thing can shift attitude in all other areas as well.

  2. Let's all try to lose 15 pounds by Christmas! My plan is to lose 5 pounds by the end of August, lose 5 pounds in September, gain 5 pounds in October (Halloween), gain 5 pounds in November (Thanksgiving), and then a miracle happens in December and I lose 15 pounds. Easy!

  3.'re on! Hoping for that Christmas miracle in Dec.