Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Mechanic

I felt sort of weird going to such a dirty place all dressed up but my car needed work and it was my best friend’s birthday. I checked myself out in the mirror secretly impressed . The red stretch tank flattered my dark tan. The zebra print skirt actually hugged and flattered my ass and showed off my trim, toned legs. I love sliding my freshly manicured feet into the awesome new 4 inch black heels. I leaned into the mirror and smiled as I applied my favorite red lipstick. "Who knows, " I thought, "maybe they’ll give me a discount!" I sprayed my body with perfume, grabbed my bag and sashayed out the door.

I pulled up to the garage slowly wondering where to park. The place appeared abandoned but then I noticed a light in the office and someone standing at the window. I walked carefully across the parking lot, not wanting to stumble in my new heels. I opened the door and stepped in.

I looked around, pleasantly surprised. I always thought that garages were black, dirty, greasy places. This place was immaculate–not a smudge of grease anywhere, not even a random tool laying around. Sure there were cars in various state of repair but everything looked neat and organized. There was even a waiting room with a nice cushy sofa and ottoman.

From behind her she heard a man’s voice call out, "I’ll be right with you." The door opened and I turned around. "I really appreciate you..." and as I caught sight of the man before me, my voice trailed off. He was gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes, wide shoulders, flat stomach and I bet he smelled good too. Suddenly I realized I’m gawking at the man like an idiot.

"I, um, really appreciate you working on my car. I know it was short notice."

"I’m sure it’s not a problem. You can leave the keys with me," he said.

"OK. Thanks." Suddenly my phone went off in my purse and I began fumbling to get it out. "That will be my friends coming to pick me up. We’re celebrating her birthday tonight."

" that’s why you look so stunning and I thought you were angling for a discount." He laughed at her blush. "When are your friends going to be here?"

Frowning, I again checked the phone and rolled my eyes. "Looks like they are once again running late. I should have known. I’m sorry to keep you. I’ll wait out front. It’s Friday night and surely you have plans, too."

"No, no plans and there’s no way I’m letting you wait in this neighborhood alone. Well, looks like we’ve got a little time to kill. Would you like something to drink?

"Sure," I manage to stammer as I notice his eyes travel up and down my body as if to peel off my top and skirt.

I flop down on the sofa and tell myself to get it together. He’s just being nice to the paying customer! But OMG he’s so hot! Nice firm muscled body and a killer smile. I quickly check myself in the mirror. Damn, I’m blushing like a schoolgirl! I hope my friends are lost!
As he turns the corner he catches a flash of her legs in those fuck-me heels. He stops, thinking "She’s short but those legs go on forever under that little short skirt and he just bet they would feel amazing wrapped around him while he thrust into her tight little body. And her luscious tits in that tank top that just barely contains them. I can just see the hint of nipples perking up in the a/c. I can’t believe my luck staying late on a Friday night. The guys will never believe this!" He checks to make sure he isn’t embarassing himself, taking a deep breath before he enters the room.

"Here’s your drink. It’s Diet Coke and since it’s Friday night I put a little rum in it. Hope you don’t mind, " he says.

"Not at all! I like the way you think! So, how long have you worked here?"

"Six months. It’s been pretty cool so far. They seem to stay pretty busy here."

"I’m very impressed with how clean it is. I thought garages were dirty places filled with grease monkeys...."

Oh shit!! Foot-in-mouth, much!

"I’m just going to wait outside now. Thanks for the drink. My friends should be here soon and really you need to get where you’re going on a Friday night." I ramble on trying to grab my purse and just then I trip over the strap crashing hard against his chest. Stupid heels! I peek up at him and he’s smiling down at me and I get quiet. He lowers his mouth to mine and we combust.

He pulls her to him and wraps his arms around her resting his hands at the top of her ass. He begins inching up her top simultaneously trying to pull her skirt down with the other hand. She pulls his t-shirt out of his waistband and runs her hands over his six-pack abs. He smells amazing. She can feel how hard he is through the fly of his jeans. She inches her hand between them and traces his cock over the zipper.

Finally she’s down to her underwear and he tosses her on the sofa. She laughs and reaches up for his zipper, taking it down and pulling out his erection. She grins and takes him in her hot wet mouth. He moans as her tongue moves over and around the tip, down the shaft tracing his big vein. "Ohhhh..she really knows what she’s doing!" He notices she has her hands in her panties and is rubbing her clit. "God, she’s just as turned on as I am!"

He pulls her off his cock and lays her back on the sofa, pulling down her drenched little bikinis. He fingers her, tracing her lips, "God she’s so wet!" He laps at her soaked pussy, tugging her little clit into his mouth, she writhes under him. He uses her juices to lubricate his finger and slides first one finger then a second after he realizes she can take it. "God she feels so tight!" He can’t take this much longer. He leans over to kiss her and asks "Are you ready for me baby?"

I gasp, "Condoms, purse, on floor."

"You were gonna be a bad girl tonight, hm?"

Later as she was lying on top of him on the sofa playing with his chest hair and rubbing his firm muscles and taut skin, she murmurs "I guess it’s hard work being a mechanic and getting all dirty and sweaty all the time.

He looks down at her bemused. "Mechanic? But I’m just the accountant here, baby."

Postscript:  This was the first story I ever wrote for anyone and yes he was a CPA.  My car had broke down and was in the shop for 4 weeks!   My friend suggested I seduce the mechanic to get it back.  When I did finally go pick up the car, I looked in the window to check everything out and there was a lacy bra in plain sight laying in the back seat.  Oops!  How did it get there?  I'll tell you soon.  :-)


  1. Yes indeed, a very hot story!

    You'll tell us more soon? I can't wait. :-)

  2. Great story! Thanks for sharing

  3. Very hot story. That shop sounds like a nice place to get a, um, lube job.

  4. I hate dealing with car repairs. If it could be like this, I'd go in every week! Great story!

  5. I'm new to your blog and this was quite the introduction!

    Just excellent.

  6. Thanks everyone! Too bad the guy I wrote it for never got to read it!