Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving & Shaking

Good morning.  I had a fairly typical weekend for me.  I worked Saturday (yuck..but it is what it is).  Then went to Wallyworld and forgot to buy things as usual.  Although I still managed to spend a good portion.  I spent part of the weekend assembling and disassembling a 55 inch big screen TV.  As bad as I am with technology, my Mom is worse.  She managed to buy the (probably) only lemon in the store so we took it back apart, loaded it up and managed the exchange.  Fortunately, the second one worked and all is well.  Finished the evening with dinner and margaritas with a friend I haven't seen in awhile.  So all in all a very nice weekend.

In other developments, I had not one but two men ask me out this weekend!  A rarity for me.    It's always feast or famine.  The only complication is that they would both be violations of the "Girl Code"  wherein you don't date a friend's ex.   This is such a small town and pickings are slim for 40 something singles.  But I absolutely don't want or need drama either.  Again this is such a small town.  I got their numbers so we'll see what happens.

And then there's the very best of all.  I have a special date tonight! :-)

Happy Monday everyone!

_ _ And she walks off singing "I'm So Excited" _ _


  1. Last night was wonderful!

    And if the girl code is anything like the guy code, there's a point where it no longer applies. Being 40something, for one. ;-)

  2. I agree. It would probably be in bad taste to date, say your sister's ex or even say a guy whose wedding you were the maid of honor for, but when you live in a small town and you get to an age where a large percentage of the potential partners have been taken (at least once or twice), what are you going to do? I'd keep it on the down-low but if something sparks, you just have to have that talk with the friend and say, "let's not make this awkward."