Friday, July 5, 2013

FFF-July 5-Independence Day

Key Word - Independence or Independence Day
Word Limit - 237
Forbidden Word - Fireworks
Extra Credit - Put the action on July 5th

She never would have guessed she would be more excited to take the dress off than she had been to put it on for the first time. 

I knew, of course, I knew.  They thought they were getting away with something.   I saw the late night texts, the constant eye contact and giggles at all the pre-wedding showers.  I should have known better than to make Lisa my maid of honor. After all she had tried to steal every other boyfriend I had in college.  Why should my fiance be any different? 

When I saw them slink away at the rehearsal luncheon, I knew my plan had worked.  I had texted each of them a room number and a time.  It was easy enough to book an extra room at the hotel.  I know I shouldn't have done that to Daddy but I thought I left my wallet in "my" room.  He was a dear to get it for me. 

The look on Brian and Lisa's faces was classic when Daddy walked in.  I couldn't resist tagging along.  Chaos ensued.  Daddy started yelling, Lisa went running & crying into the bathroom.  The rest of the wedding party came crashing in when they heard the racket.  Brian tried what he could to maintain his shattered dignity.  And then all eyes turned to me.

I blew Brian a kiss, a wink at Brian's hotter-than-hot best friend, grabbed the bottle of champagne Brian had so thoughtfully provided, hugged Daddy and bolted. 

Shedding that dress I never felt better.  Who knew my wedding day would also be my Independence Day!

Author's note: I may have ran a little over but I had so much fun participating in my 1st ever FFF.  Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. A great first story! Now run over to Advizor's blog and link to it so everyone can read it!

  2. Wow! What a fun story! She was a bit evil to do it that way but it has a certain poetic justice. Great take! So fun having you in the FFF gang!

  3. It was a good story! Glad you've joined us to play along. :)

  4. Lovely.

    Reminds me of the oft-repeated story (maybe a myth) that at a wedding day, a groom stood up and asked the assembled party to look under their chairs and open an envelope, contained within was pictures taken by a private detective of his bride screwing his best man. He then punched his best man, told his new wife to do one, and left the venue.

  5. Thanks so much everyone! I feel honored everyone stopped by!

    John- I immediately thought of that same urban legend when the prompt was posted. Truly did come to me in a flash.

    Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

  6. Nice take on this pic! Welcome to FFF - it's great fun to see what range of stories people come up with. This is fantastic. And rules? They were made to be broken. :-)

  7. Wow, had I read that without knowing it was your first I'd have thought you were a seasoned pro. And the word limits? Really just guidelines, but it is fun to shackle ourselves a bit. you did a great job and i'm just sorry i didn't get around to reading it sooner. And, as for the urban legend, I hope it's true, it's too good not to be! Of course, these days, the groom would just send out a mass text to all the guests and leave the room to a thousand chirping phones.

    Welcome to FFF!