Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Exit 137

That's the exit off the interstate where I booked the room for my rendezvous with Rob on Monday night.  All day I was giddy and a little nervous.  I was off that day and planned a mini-vacay of shopping, perhaps some better dining options than usual and then I would make my way to the hotel. laid plans and all that. At the mall I was completely uninterested (except for the lingerie dept.)  I gave up around 2:30 and went to the room with 3 hours to kill.

Although Rob and I had several previous adventures, I was more than a little tense.  I'd had the Foreigner song "Feels Like the First Time" as a soundtrack in my mind all day.  I took a shower, ordered our pizza, called a girlfriend, all in an effort to chill.  Finally I went for some liquid courage and it helped.

At last it was 5 o'clock here and I couldn't wait to see him.  The pizza was delivered and the next knock was his.  I opened the door and my anxiety vanished! Now it was ALL anticipation.  And need.  And want.  And tongues, and hands...everywhere.  Clothes were shed and finally we were tumbling and stumbling towards the king size (somewhat elusive..for us) bed.  I trembled and shook under his hands and talented fingers.  When i felt his tongue on my clit, I shattered!  The first of countless orgasms for me that night!

We took full advantage of every inch of that bed.  I got on my knees to taste his hard cock, he pulled me around for a HOT 69, i rode him on top for a bit.  And then he put my legs over his shoulders and gave me the fucking my aching pussy needed so bad.  O.M.G. I needed and wanted him to cum inside of me.  I loved his grunt when he shot.

After we cleaned up,  we dove for the pizza box and some co-ed naked snuggling on the loveseat.  We laughed at the equally cheesy as the pizza movie on tv but then those laughs got serious.  He was twisting and kissing and pulling my nipples and the pizza was instantly forgotten!  We were back on the bed and he was between my legs with his tongue on my clit...I was in heaven. Again and again and again.

Despite just having ate, I felt insatiable for his cock!   I lavished attention on him using my tongue sucking him intensely, loving the feel & taste of him in my mouth.  Nothing excites me more than feeling a cock grow hard under my tongue.  I adored looking into his beautiful eyes while running my tongue around his head.   But he pulled me up and gave me the most delicious hug and hottest kiss.  I whispered how I loved feeling his hands on me.  And then he fulfilled his previous given promise...

And massaged me.  I melted into the mattress under his strong, sensual touch.  It was pure bliss to feel his hands dig into my muscles, run over my flesh, knead my neck, caress my ass..mmmmm.  I gasped as I felt his lips on my neck nibbling and kissing.  I couldn't stand it.  I wanted him to fuck me again...hard!

And he obliged..once again with my knees over his shoulders.  I begged him to cum for me and he did.  After we were hot and sweaty..lying on the bed.  He dragged me up and pulled me into the shower where we soaped each other other up.  We got dressed.  Our night had come to an end.  The bed felt awfully empty after he was gone.

Too early I was up the next morning with the feint hope I'd hear his knock on the door but it wasn't to be.  I crawled back under the covers for a bit still relishing the night before. Somewhat sadly later on I texted Rob that Room 105 was about to "officially" close.  His texted response echoed mine



  1. It gets me hard all over again reading your side of it :-D

  2. I think the only thing that could have made this better would have been me sitting in the room watching it all happen, then filling in for Rob when needed - but apparently, he doesn't seem to need a lot of assistance!

    1. Well, you could have helped us eat the pizza!

  3. a great retelling of the day's events. Thank you for where is that box of tissue?

  4. Oh JF u've reminded me of a great story i must tell sometime!! Someone in the corner...watching

    Advizor...ummm i think its over glad u enjoyed!