Wednesday, July 10, 2013

About Last Night..

I was nervous yes..but not too much...which is kind of unusual for me on a first date.

I'd felt comfortable with him almost from the start.  I knew he was smart, sexy, confident...always a big turn on.  Plus he had the most beautiful eyes.....

I did all the things we gurlz do when you just have THAT feeling that "tonite might be a good nite;-)"  Highlights, mani/pedi., trim/wax/shave "down there", shop for new lingerie, the perfect perfume.

We met at the restaurant..casually walking in (although i really wanted to launch myself in his arms).  Dinner seemed was good,  the connection I felt immediately.  I couldn't wait to get out of there!!  Time to blow this pop stand!

He held my hand as he was driving me around and showed me his town.   Then we parked..(yes,in the best kind of way!! ;-)  He massaged my shoulders..just feeling his hands on me was almost enough.  I moaned and then we adjourned to a more private place.

But it was just public enough to feel a little taboo...I Liked it!  Clothes pushed aside, clasps undone(one-handed no less!),kissin, stroking, dropping to knees, tasting, touching...OMG..(whew! excuse me for a minute)  Stripped naked..bending over a chair!  OMG..the moment when i felt ur HARD cock in my lil pussy for the 1st time..sublime.

I could not stop kissing him..still don't want to! OMG!  But we had to fade away..for the night at least.


  1. That was hot! It's almost as if I was there! ;-)

  2. And just like that I think I've put 2 and 2 together. You kids!

    1. Damn..and we would have gotten away with it

    2. I think you meant one and one together? :)

  3. So hot! So happy to know it went so well.