Thursday, July 11, 2013


I feel blah, ambivalent, almost empty.  And I have absolutely no reason for it.  Well maybe that isn't completely true.  The last 3 weeks have seen some major upheavals in my life.  Particularly on the job front.  I was kicked off my team, my shift was changed, and i'm forced to do a job I have zero tolerance for (think telemarketer....ugh).  While I didn't really have much of a life before,  it stll threw me into a tailspin.  And I feel all out of sorts.

AND IT WILL NOT STOP RAINING.  Every.  Single.  Day.  (Weatherman in the summer in the south has to be the easiest job in the, humid, with a chance of it in.)  So much for that pool membership I splurged on this year.

And to compound it all,  6 years ago yesterday was the day I lost my Dad.  And I almost didn't remember it.  So maybe that's it.  This week is really never going to be fondly remembered I guess.

I know it's going to get better very soon.  I see good things on the horizon.  I've begun seeing a wonderful man.  And any minute now the phone is going to ring with my new job offer on the line.

But right now I just feel blah.  :-/


  1. I'm sorry about your dad. I know how it's disconcerting when a date like that is almost forgotten; you feel guilty and melancholy.

    And cheese-crusted tacos, if we don't get a solid week without rain soon, I'm gonna lose my mind!

    Good luck on the job hunt, and here's to horizons! ;-)

  2. It may not help, but we'll gladly take your rain in Texas.

    I too wish you luck in the job hunt.

  3. Thanks guys! And JF, I would gladly send the rain to TX!