Friday, July 19, 2013

FFF-July 19-Innocent

Word Length - 444
Required Word/Phrase - Ingénue (pronounced an-zhuh-noo)
Forbidden Words - Mirror, Pasta, Doggie, Tutu
25 bonus words - Share an experience that happend at a performance
Extra Credit - Explain where her mother is (25 extra words)
If you want to play along go see Advizor-the MAN for all your FFF fun

She paced and paced in her dressing room.  She’d been onstage hundreds of times now yet every single time her heart would pound, she’d break out in a sweat and she’d get that nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach. 

Tonight was much worse.  Tonight she knew she had to give the performance of her life.  But it wouldn’t be onstage that counted.  Behind the scenes is where she would earn her “Oscar" and quite possibly her freedom. 

Sitting at her dressing table thinking back to when she first met him.  She was working the tables after a particularly spirited performance.  When she first made eye contact with him, she didn’t give him a second glance.  It was when she walked by him and he had softly said those words that made her stop in her tracks and ease her self slowly into a chair in front of him.  “I can get you out of here.”
When the knock came, she jumped.  It was on now.  She glanced at the table to make sure all was ready replaying the instructions silently.  She opened the door.
“Hi there,” Sam said,  “you look especially ravishing tonight.” 

She giggled and blushed.  “C’mon in.  Let’s have a drink before the show starts.”  She walked to the table and picked up the glasses, carefully handing him the correct one.  She had dropped the powder in before he arrived.
“Here’s to tonight’s show, babe.”   They clinked glasses.  He took a deep, long draft, downing it in one swallow.  “C’mere babe.  I’m ready for my private show.”  She walked slowly towards him, watching for any signs the poison was working.  He kissed her.   She moaned and groaned and moved her body against him exaggerating her movements.  He bent her over the bench and prepared to enter her forcefully.  She held her breath and then she heard him collapse behind her.
She sprang into action knowing she only had minutes before he was discovered.  She shed that ridiculous garment, changing quickly and grabbed the bag she had packed. Peeking out the door checking the hallway, she spotted him.  She ran quickly to him, kissing him.  “Hurry baby!  Security is already on the way!”
They ran out the door to the alley and he ushered her into the cab.  She bent her head and sighed.  “Mama, I’m coming home to Tennessee.”  Which is how she missed it.  Sam had stood at the back door bracing himself in the frame.  He threw a wave to his buddy.  “Christ.  As good as she was on the stage, she really was an ingenue.”
This is always so much fun writing these stories!  Although I don't really need the extra words this week (444! nailed it), I did tell you where Mama was.  But I can't really think of any performance-related experiences.  And, lol, why would pasta be forbidden?  

Enjoy your weekend and Live Mas, People!


  1. Good story, with a nice twist!

  2. This was fun reading. Even with the foreshadowing in the second paragraph, I was guessing. It got a chuckle out of me when I got to the drinks.

  3. I love a good twist ending!

    I think pasta was forbidden because... you don't want to have too many carbs before going on stage? I have no idea :)

  4. Twists upon twists. :-) Very creative take on this pic!

  5. Oh naughty... in a very different way! I like! Great FFFing with you!

  6. Maybe he had spent years building an immunity to Iocane powder....

    Nice take on the picture, the lover that drops "dead" before anything happens. I like that.

    Thanks for joining and I can't wait to see what you come up with this week!