Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And....We Miss Again

Sunday I had my second date with the very sexy and talented Rob.  Rarely (lately) we had a nice sunny day and decided to take advantage by checking out the scenery at our local mountain top parkway.  It is well known for its beautiful views of the valley below and has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth come the fall when the leaves are in full glory.  Therefore, there are lots of overlooks at some of the most scenic spots sprinkled every few miles.  These places are, of course, very public but very often there are trails that lead away to a more secluded spot.

So our search began for that perfect spot.  We had a couple of false starts but each time we would take advantage as much as we could.  We would kiss and touch and feel before once again being interrupted by a car driving up.  And off we would go to the next.  Finally we pulled to the end of a lot with no one there.  And very nicely there was a shaded area a little off to the side and under the lot that afforded a little privacy.  Rob turned and asked if I cared to take a walk and I said, "Sure."

He pulled me into his arms and his hands moved under my shirt, under my bra and began teasing my nipples and then he took them into his mouth and worked them with his tongue...I began moaning and we sought out a little more privacy under the tree.  He had already given me one delicious orgasm that day and I wanted to return the favor.  I could feel how hard he was and I suddenly had to taste his cock and dropped to my knees.  I took his beautiful cock in my mouth and worked him well with my tongue .  But we were under a tree, my knees leaving prints in the mud and my thighs began cramping.  My knees were weak and Rob caught me and pulled me up.

Things immediately got more intense.  My shorts dropped and we were kissing passionately. He brought me to another intense orgasm with his talented fingers.  I was seconds away from throwing him in the grass and riding that hard cock for all I was worth..when suddenly the high chirped beep of a car alarm rudely brought us to our senses. Peeking over his shoulder I saw a couple deliberately looking hard in the other direction.  Rob and I fixed my clothes giggling the whole time time while driving down  the mountain. He dropped me at my car.  I was a little frustrated and disappointed because he didn't get his.

On the drive up, I had mentioned that I would also be in town the next day shopping with a friend and too bad we couldn't meet.  I texted my friend that night and got no response about our pending trip.  I sent a feeler email to Rob checking to see if he could potentially meet the next day....fortunately his answer was "yeeessssss"...lol.  I got confirmation the next day from my friend she couldnt make it and texted Rob.  And so it was on.

I spent my afternoon at the pool teasing Rob with pix and wishing he was there.  Finally the hour was here and I drove north more determined than ever to get fucked...hard.  We met at the same place again and set off again on the parkway.  Rob knew of a place that seemed perfect for what we had in mind.  Again we had a few false starts..still taking advantage of each one.  And then we found it...we pulled in and parked.  And almost as soon as we got out of the car..another one pulled in.  I didn't care and up the trail we went.

It was rocky and stupidly I did not wear the most practical shoes for the terrain. (Yes i went "hiking" in heels..lol).  We found a perch against a rock and he immediately kissed me deep, shoved up my shirt and began twisting and pinching my nipples......mmmmmmm.  I dropped to my knees on the blanket I remembered to bring and again tasted his hard cock. There was a drop of pre-cum which I lapped up.   But I wanted him inside me so bad.   I stood up..and my eyes fell directly into the line of sight of the car that had pulled in behind us.  Argggggh!  He was still there.  We waited, made out a little more, and eventually we looked at each other, shook our heads, and collected ourselves and walked out of the woods.

Why this man had to pick this particular spot at this time to contemplate suicide, text his lover, worship Buddha, what-the-fuck ever, I don't know.   But I do know, I WILL fuck this man again.  Maybe even one day in a bed..lol.


  1. Well, perhaps the guy in the car was hoping for a show!

    Better luck next time.

    1. If it weren't for (on top of everything else) getting eaten up by creepy crawlies, he might well have gotten one anyway!

  2. Forget the crowds and just do it already! I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

  3. I'm with Advizor! HAR!!!


  4. I'm absolutely positive that if I'd had a drink or 2 in me, I wouldn't have minded one bit! Lol

  5. OK, i came back to read this again, and it's still hot.