Thursday, November 28, 2013

FFF-Black Friday

Key Words:  Family, gravy boat, butter knife
Word Limit:  1621 seems like too many, so 261.1
Forbidden words:  cock, caught, eat, feast, satiated
Extra Credit:  Let's keep it within the (extended) family

Bonus Words: Donate 5 cans of food to your local

"Good morning, hun.  Coffee ready?"

She kissed him as she put the mug in his hand.   He leaned on the counter  and surveyed the kitchen.  All was in order now but later after everyone arrived it would look like a plundered battlefield.  Oh well, it was worth it to have his family home again.

"Do we have any champagne in the house?" she asked.

"I think we drank the last bottles for your birthday.  We have plenty of wine.  Why do we need champagne?"

"It's Jason, of course.  I think he's going to propose to Candace.  We'll need something to celebrate."

"How can he propose and I've never even met her!"  His roar shook the gravy boat!  Muttering about gold diggers and pregnancy traps, he paced the kitchen.   She eased him down on the barstool, rubbing his shoulders.  Looking him in the eye, she shook and reassured him with a glance.  Their son had never taken a wrong step yet.

"I think I have a magnum or two at the office.  I'll just get some air and get it real quick."  He grabbed his phone and sent a quick text as he headed out the door.  

She met him at the office.  He seemed to need her more than usual.   He grabbed her immediately and pushed her against the wall.   He forced himself deep down her throat.  She sucked him greedily.  He ripped off her thong and pushed himself deep inside.

She cleaned up hastily knowing she couldnt see him again.

He answered the door, smiling seeing his son.

"Dad, this is Candace."

Cande exhaled as she walked in.  Already feeling like one of the family, she winked at "Dad".


  1. Ew, what a great take. Way to keep it in the "extended family".

  2. Naughty! Nice take... great how you worked in so much sexy stuff! So fun FFF with you!