Friday, November 15, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday-11/15- She Remembers

FFF Challenge - You have 100 words to make me cum.

You get 25 extra words if you write it on Thursday and do it in one draft, typos and all.

Short and simple this week.  Go see Advizor to play along.  Apparently he's in quite the mood this week.  :)

Closing her eyes, she slides her hand between her legs.  She remembers.

He pulled and tugged her nipples.  She twists.

He bit and nibbled gently.  She pinches.

He rubbed her body deeply.  She arches.

He fingered her clit .  She strokes.

He brought his fingers to her mouth.  She tastes.

He whispered hotly in her ear.  She moans.

He kissed her passionately.  She bites.

He caressed her ass.  She clenches.

His fingers stroked her sweet wetness.  She squeezes.

His cock hard and deep inside.  She thrusts.

Opening her eyes, they lock with his.  She gasps.

He says "Cum now."  She shatters.

Whew!  What a hot little prompt this week!  Such fun as always.  Hope you all have a very nice weekend!  


  1. That sounds delisciously familiar!

  2. Simplicity, wow. Way to meet the challenge

  3. Succulently hot story; delicious

    I have to return to my office now! This may be a tad awkward!

  4. Yes, quite a delicious little story. :-)

    Happy FFF!

  5. Very nice! Love the creative approach!

  6. Wow, wow, wow. I thought of something similar but couldn't pull it off. you did a great job,and I love the word "Shattered." You use it very well

  7. I loved this! I agree with Advizor "Shattered" was the perfect way to end it. Perfect.

  8. Well done, babe. Very nice.