Monday, November 11, 2013


I am not Jessica.

The other week I didn't participate in Advizor's FFF prompt where he asked you to share an Oops story of your own.  But I had a pretty good one happen to me over the weekend and it was all straightened out today.  Well maybe.

I on occasion enjoy chatting with men online.  Lately I've "met" a wonderful man.  He's handsome, funny, intelligent and sexy.  A dangerous combination.  He actually made contact with me through the blog.  We've emailed for awhile and now we've made the progression to instant messaging.  Last week we spoke on the phone for the first time.  It was a pleasure to hear his voice and I really enjoyed chatting and joking and laughing with him.  He IM'd me his number and I added it to my contacts list.  We got a chance to chat again briefly the next day.

Before leaving for work I sent him a text telling him how much I enjoyed our chat today.  His response "Same here.  Are you leaving now?"  I responded I was already at work and he asked for how long and I told him.  Later at work that evening I hear my phone chirp and check my messages.  I smiled seeing it was him and opened the message to see this: Jessica.

I laugh thinking he texted the wrong person and sent him an email jokingly asking "Who's Jessica?"  His reply "Jessica?"  And that was it.  OK.  I have to state this.  I overthink and overanalyze everything.  It is something I know I have to work on.  By the end of the weekend, I've imagined that he's been busted by his wife and she's sent me the text as a message for him.  YES, I KNOW!  I drive myself crazy,

We finally make contact Sunday night again and he assures me the phone is safe and he will check it.  We continue to IM and it was a hot time and fun was had by all. ;)  He sweetly sent me a good morning email and I immediately ask him to check the phone.  Nothing and I'm mystified.

We message each other throughout the day.  I'm off work on Mondays (yay!) and finally I ask if he's ever received a text from me and he says no. I obviously then confirm his number and sure enough I've been texting XXX-889-XXXX and his number is actually XXX-899-XXXX.  My undiagnosed dyslexia has struck again!  We have a good laugh and I'm a little embarassed at all my imagined drama I created over the weekend.

But kudos to that unknown person in XYZ state for playing  Who knew that just a name in an innocent text could create such a tempest in the teapot in my mind!


  1. HAR!!!

    I'm pleased to hear that it was just a mis-entered number.. :o)