Friday, November 22, 2013

FFF-11/22-Up The Waterspout

Key Words:  (searching or seeking) and asphalt
Word Limit:  210
Forbidden words:  flippers
Extra Credit:  What kind of trees are in the background?
Bonus Words: Donate to the Red Cross fund for the Philippines hurricane relief, or to their general fund  1 word per dollar.

Thank you so much, Advizor for choosing my suggestion this week. And what a wonderful gesture encouraging people to donate to the Phillipines relief effort.  

She knew better than to swim during a storm but she was seeking something as wild and free as she.  Swimming desperately away from the waterspout, she felt her body being lifted- transported. When she came to, Belinda found herself in a strange land.  It was flat and those trees weren't her native palms.  Wherever she was, it was obvious she wasn't in Oz anymore.  

She began walking toward the only landmark she recognized, the black (fool's gold?) brick road. As she walked and gazed around she flashed back to tales told to her by her grandmother, Glinda. Of a strange visitor landing from "Kansas", a flat uninteresting land much like she was surrounded by now. Of her grandmother's close friend Dorothy and her little dog too. A metal man. And a straw one, flying monkeys, and a pail of water, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

As she at last reached the edge of the gray bricks, she collapsed.  She watched the approach of the strange vehicle.  Pulling alongside the depleted mermaid, Dorothy made her way painfully to the side of her friend's progeny sprawled on the scalding asphalt.  At last she knew how to return the gift of ruby slippers she had been given long ago...she leaned over and whispered in the mermaid's ear, "there's no place like home."


  1. A nice twist on the story of Oz. Great take, Simplicity!

  2. Ha, where did you come up with that one? Very nice!

  3. Oh, that was brilliant. Curious, did you know you where you would take the story when you suggested the picture? Or did it come to you later?

  4. Typing issues. Try that again. Did you know where you would take the story when you suggested the picture.

    1. Hi. Thank you! I had no clue where I was going with this picture until this week...was just trying to figure out how she'd get from the water to a field in the middle of nowhere.

  5. I love it! Very clever and creative.

    Happy FFF!

  6. Your story reminds me of the riddle that goes something like this. "A man is found dead in the middle of a forest fire wearing SCUBA gear. What happened?" Well, obviously the tanker plan scooped him out of the ocean with a bunch of water to fight the fire. But, I like the naked lady in fins version much much better. Thanks for a great suggestion!!!

  7. Wonderful story this week!! I love new twists to great stories.