Friday, November 8, 2013

FFF-11/8-All Aboard!

Required Words - Conductor, Ticket, Destination

Word Limit - 200 words, exactly

Forbidden words - suitcase, vulva, Wysteria, or Horwarts Express

Bonus Points - Remember that private compartments cost triple that of a regular seat.

Extra Words - Include a rhyming couplet = 25 words, Name her Tammy = 15 words. Put her in charge = 25 words. BUT, you can only chose one of the Extra word categories.

Get on board with Advizor this week and every week for all your FFF fun.  

"How will I recognize her?"  asked the conductor.

"Oh you'll know, trust me.  It's late so no one should notice an unscheduled stop.  Just get her on board quickly," he said.

Brazenly she stood in the station waiting clad in her sexiest lingerie.  She was so excited to learn of his weekend hobby working at a rail yard.  Ever since she was a child watching her grandfather move freight on trains, she was fascinated.  Unusual for a little girl, she wanted to be an engineer.

But as life happens the memory of those childhood dreams fade.  She moves away searching for excitement, romance, success, LOVE.  Years later divorced, disillusioned; she's home again.  Her mother at wit's end with her sloven lifestyle shoves her out the door.  

"Go! Walk, Run!  There's a new trail in town."  Grudgingly she agrees.  And that's where she met THE ENGINEER.  Her childhood dream come to life.  He ran up next to her and delivered the ultimate opening line.

"Do you know the name of this trail?" 

"No...what is it?"  Whispering..the Dick and Willie passage.

He caught her as she stumbled.  Laughing up at him, feeling the instant chemistry, and thinking..maybe he can get me to my final destination.  

She slid silently into the compartment.  

Ok no lie it exists and here's proof.

I just have to wonder how many folks here in Bible-Belt USA realize the irony.  Seriously.  Y'all have a good weekend.  

Very special thanks to T.R. for real life inspiration this week.  ;)


  1. T.R.? T... R... OMGOSH! You're messing around with Tony Romo?! ;-)

    Good story, as always!

  2. TR isn't Tony Romo, it's Tyrell Romanski, my pen name and official prison-yard non de plume!

    We are always on the road, searching, seeking, wondering what's out there. A train like this is an excellent place to start.

  3. Good morning!

    Very nice! ;o)


  4. Great take on this photo! Now my imagination will have to play around all day about what those two are doing in that compartment! Not a bad way to spend the day, I think.

  5. That was some amazing inspiration! Adore it when historic names suddenly pop out at you... I just realized yesterday that a certain wholesale club is named BJs! Great take!