Thursday, October 3, 2013

FFF- 10/4-All Tucked In

Word Limit - 175
Required Word - Insistence/Insistent
Forbidden words - Bird, Bed, Beg, Big, Begin, Beguine, Bedouin
Extra Credit - Put them on vacation
Bonus Words - 25 extra if they are on their honeymoon

Don't get left out!  Advizor will let you play along!   

Kate opened the door and fell into the room with relief.  She walked over to the bed and collapsed on the edge throwing an arm over her face in dramatic fashion.  Mark caught the act out of the corner of his eye and went and sat next to her.  Bewildered he gathered her into his arms.

"What"s wrong, honey?"

She raised up and stared at him incredulously. " We were supposed to be Fred & Ginger, Barack & Michelle at the Inaugural, Etta James.. At Last...<sigh>"

"I thought our 1st dance was perfect!"   he replied confused.,,but insistent

Remembering now he became aware of his phone going off repeatedly as they danced.  He silently reached for it and oh yeah..he got it then..her "something blue" panties were vividly on display...the voluminous skirt tucked ridiculously high into her folds!!  hurriedly he tried to untuck the billowing dress from her lingerie.  But it was too late,   Everyone had seen her "ass"ets on this the most precious of days!

Much later she crawled under the sheets..pulling them over her head..he made a half-hearted effort on this his honeymoon but shouldn't have been surprised at the one finger gesture of rejection he received!


  1. Geeep! Gads what a screwup! He's lucky she didn't castrate him with that phone. Good take!

  2. Not exactly sure what he did wrong, but in a situation like that, I guess you have to blame somebody. :)

  3. At least all the guests know why he married her....

    i was crack up with horror as I read this and then thought one thing. $100,000 prize on "America's Funniest Home Videos - Wedding edition"

    It's a totally creative take on the theme. Excellent work!!!

  4. Nothing like a blushing bride! Great take! So fun FFFing with you!