Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Did During Gov't Shutdown

My company isn't completely shutdown (dammit) but I did have some down time.  So what's a slightly naughty girl to do with time on her hands.  Get on Tumblr, of course!  Now I have a page there but it tends to be more silly than sexy which is why I haven't shared it here.  But I might some day.  Here are some of my favorite silly things ive run across and maybe you can get a chuckle too.

I love this commercial!  I wonder if "boobiness"  has ever been spoken in an American commercial ever before?  Oh who cares..she's so fun, and sexy, and funny, and beautiful!

Co-ed naked Twister, anyone?

Why did I spend $40 on case w stand...oh yeah I don't have one of

She blew her own dick..that takes talent...or Photoshop!

And finally a pic of my own.  I took this the other week and it cracked me up.

I call it "Boobs with Feet"  

For some reason it made me think of these little guys...

Well there you have it...a little of what I spend doing on my time off.  Quite honestly this started off as my first drunk blog post.  I was a little tipsy last night and I got a chance to clean it up a little.  Whew!  Thank you Blogger for preview  Thank YOU vodka for headache this morning.  Happy Hump Day everybody!


  1. These are all fun! Here's an experiment - let's see if you can pull the neckline of that t-shirt out far enough to hide your feet. :-)

  2. Re: Max... I agree with him... ;oD

    Re: "Shower Twister"always seems to lead to a game of 'Hide The Salami"...


  3. @Max & Shoes...why? What's wrong with my feet? Lol. ;)

    @ Rob..anytime hun!

  4. I think twister is more fun with three, no? Save a shower stall space for meeeee! If this is what happens when the govt is shutdown, I hope they never work it out!