Monday, October 7, 2013



I sit at home alone every night lately.  My friends are busy with their lives, kids, etc.  I understand.  They have lives...a life.  I don't lately.  I wake up, kill time for a few hours, shower and go to work.  By the time I get off from work, most people I know are in bed or at least at home for the they should be.

I used to have a life.  I could go out with my friends and have dinner and drinks, go to the local 1st Friday night concerts or just get away away on the weekends.  Even on occasion take a vacation.  But that all changed in June.  I got kicked off my team at work, put on 2nd shift and my weekends no longer fall on everyone else's weekend.  It sucks.

Oh I hear ya.  I would so love to quit and find another job.  Well, that might be easy if I didn't live in an area that's had the highest unemployment for DECADES in this state!  Well, then just move.  I would love to but right now I'm stuck.  I was almost there, I had just about saved enough money when Mr. Murphy came calling and put my car in the shop for 4 weeks!  That wasn't a cheap repair!  And the car isn't fixed, the transmission is slowly dying which means even if I wanted to find another job a little further away from home I don't trust that I have reliable transportation.

But I have a decision to make now.  I've been offered a new contract at work and it's a good  opportunity, lots more money...but what it comes down to is...I HATE the work.  I know what I should do and probably will do is just suck it up and do the job, work and save enough money and then just get out.  I guess I can stand a little unhappiness now for a chance at some good things later.

Forgive me, blogosphere.  This is just my little pity party and I'm sorry I invited you.  This little tempest in a teapot (thanks Sillyone for putting the "I'm A Little Teapot" song in my head)  will blowover very quickly.   I know this was a very difficult weekend for some of my blog friends and my heart goes out to you.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...rainy Mondays are even worse.  Think I'm going back to bed.


  1. I'd be willing to perform "She's be coming round the mountain" next if it would cheer you up

    1. Lol...that's the best offer I've had all day! :)

    2. I'd be willing to watch Sillyone perform 'Comin' Round the Mountain'...

      Just sayin'...


  2. Hey, you're entitled to your pity party. I understand that ennui all too well. Good luck!

  3. I so hear what you are saying, Hate that my friends work, or I am too far away for the party, not enogh money or time and there they go on facebook talking about their great time. I miss my friends too. And to add o that I have not been having much of a sex life, mostly my fault, have been on a pity pot of my own. This Fall has just sucked for me.
    People give me all the same lines "why don't you move?" "Why don't you get another job" well to be honest the best head hunters are with you, keep job your, stay put. unless a very good opertunity arises make the best of it. Hugs , rainydays and Mondays always get me down too.

  4. Oh great, now you have "The Carpenters" song stuck in my head. I guess it's better than "Teapot."

    I used to work 2nd shift construction. The hours were awful, I never saw my friends, I was exhausted on the weekends, and my girlfriend found someone with a better schedule for her social life. Finally I embraced it. I discovered that the lack of a social life meant I could save a lot more of my money, I slept a lot, watched TV I wanted to watch, and then went back to work. Eventually is shifted back, but for 9 months I was raking in the dough.

    As for taking contract work you don't like.... Do it. Life should not be defined by our jobs, so go to work, make the money, save it, get the heck out of Dodge when you can, and find your fun and fulfilment outside of the 9-5 racket. And, good luck.