Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Girl Gone Badder

As mentioned previously I had a chance to participate in a little blog experiment conducted by Ryan over at The Ashley Madison Adventures of A Regular Guy Gone Bad.  I don't know that I've ever mentioned it but his was the first "sex" (he also writes about sports, food & music) blog I ever read.  I found him after looking for tips on how to succeed on AM.  I began reading and I was hooked by his humor and his story.

From there I was a blog-reading addict and I found lots of your wonderful blogs.  I was fascinated by this world filled with sexy, sex-positive people.  Often it was fun and lite-hearted but often deeply thought provoking.  And it was always arousing whether from the sexy pics or the amazing recounting of all your sexy adventures.

But I digress yet again.  Ryan decided he would create a profile on AM based on Forrest Gump and if you winked at him, he would write you back and provide you the full "Ryan experience."  I was curious and thought it would be fun to interact with my blog-"first."  And he didn't disappoint.

His message was fun and funny.  Intelligent and highly personalized to me as he is very familiar with my little spot of the world.  I was highly impressed and I would say it's probably the best message I've ever received from any guy on AM.  This is how it should be done!   Shocking the combo of "wanna fuck?" sent along with dick pix just doesn't do it for me.

As Ryan asked in his wrap-up what did we really learn (besides the fact he thought I was "easy"...but not in a slutty way!  thank goodness!)  I concur with his assessment...nothing really but in a way he's right.  Just be true to yourself, well "ironically true" I guess since we're all lying about something on that site.  Admittedly I don't hang out on AM much anymore but this was a fun experiment.  Thanks Ryan for the invitation to the "Ryan experience."


  1. Ah the deep philosophical question is are we lying on AM or are we lying to ourselves as we live the "eternal recurrence of the same!"

  2. Ryan is quite the character!!!


  3. I love Ryan's blog.

  4. What, you mean you don't immediately cream your panties for every guy who waves a dick in your face? I am shocked, absolutely shocked! What's wrong with you? :)

  5. I followed you from Ryan's blog, and I'm trying to start my own. He's way beyond me, of course.