Friday, October 18, 2013

FFF-10/18- In the Year of the Cat

Required Phrase - "Follow the cat"
Word Limit - 225
Forbidden words - 
Pussy, Black, Halloween, Fear
Bonus Points - 
Keep the body count low (next week is different) 
Extra Words - 
Make the cat her cat.

The signal was getting stronger and she had to get there fast.  She ran quickly losing her shoes.  It had taken her all night to think where she had left Him.  How could she "lose" The Guardian?!  

"Idiot!"  She thought, berating herself.  But there had been so many.  Brian in Denver.  Samuel in San Francisco.  Shane in Dallas.  Enrique, Will and that tall guy Lee something in Miami.  Pablo in Cabo.  Raoul in Rio.  Josef in Tel Aviv.  And the list went on and  on.  No wonder she had forgot where she left Him.

The Guardian sat in the window enjoying the sunbeam that had fast become a real pleasure during his Earth visit.  He had heard the signal last night.  He sat patiently in the window waiting for her.  Spotting her he jumped down from the window sill.

"Hey buddy,"  he said.  "Want some milk?"  Heading to the kitchen, he stopped in his path when he heard the buzzer.  

Panting and trying to catch her breath, she waited to be buzzed in.  He answered quickly and she ran upstairs, the urgent sound of the signal growing louder.  She knocked on the door.  Keith opened it and gasped when he saw her.


"Hi Keith!  I'm sorry there's no time to explain!  I need to get my cat!"  Keith turned around and let her in.  

"Nicole, where have you been?  I never thought I would see you again."

"Oh Cyrus sweetie!  There you are!"  Scooping the cat in her arms, she turned to go.

Keith blocked her path.  "Not so fast.  Take your cat, but leave my sweater."  Shedding the sweater, she threw it at him and grabbed the cat and ran for the door.  

Placing The Guardian on the floor in the hallway.  He purred up at her and asked what she had learned while conducting the experiment.  

"Well sir I think it's safe to say the males here "Follow the on Earth as much as any other planet." 

I had 2 ideas this week but I was sick and just decided to combine them so they may seem kind of choppy.  The first thing that popped in my head when I saw the pic was the line in that Keith Urban song used above "Take your cat but leave my sweater."   I don't normally read science fiction but the required phrase made me think "Take me to your leader"  So that was my kind of crazy, fever dream take this week.  Have a nice weekend everybody.  


  1. Interesting. I love fever-dream takes like this (and I like that song too.)

  2. Yes, I'm also a fan of stream-of-consciousness plot twists. :-) Fun and creative take on this pic.

    Happy FFF!

  3. This is why I do FFF and why I always stay so humble. I'm surrounded by amazingly creative writers and you all intimidate and inspire me to do something fun each week. You are wonderful. Thanks!

  4. Even not feeling well, your write beautifully. That was a lot of fun, twists galore.

  5. Ooooh! Aliens! Yay! Wow... the Earth men would be so happy to help out with such experiments! So fun FFFing with you!