Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A New Leaf

Yesterday my mom and nephew took me out to lunch.  It was my birthday.  She brought me some balloons into the restaurant.  My nephew was very sweet and gave me my card and a big hug.  While we were waiting for our food, two young ladies came into the restaurant excited because they were unexpectedly out of work early.  They were young, in their 20s and they grabbed a booth on the opposite side of the restaurant.

We were sitting there enjoying our food when I heard a call from across the restaurant.  "Is it your birthday?" one of the young ladies asked and I replied we were celebrating mine and my nephew's birthday.  Our main dish was served when suddenly one of the ladies appeared at our table and handed my nephew and I a dollar.

What a sweet gesture.  I was extremely touched by this random act of kindness by a complete stranger.  It was just a dollar.  Not much of anything in this day.  But the thought behind it, made my day and possibly my whole year.  Lately I have done nothing but complain about my job, my living situation, my weight creeping up and lack of social life. These are all things I can control and change.

When our meal was done, my mom offered to take me shopping and we headed to the mall. I walked around a bit but wasn't feeling it (I not wanting to shop.  I love shopping!)  I went to a gas station to fill up and while paying, I impulsively bought a $1 lottery ticket.  Sure enough, I won $25!  Happy birthday to me!

Knowing I had to go to work but I didn't really have time to go home, I drove around a bit and passed a sign for our local reservoir which is near the office.  I pulled in and grabbed my phone to take some pics.  It was a beautiful, warm fall day.  As I walked around I thought about that dollar and the girl who gave it to me as I was looking at the gorgeous fall leaves around me.  I began writing this post in my head right then.  I could change my color too.  I could go from this rather bleak image:

To this colorful explosion

I will change my color.  I'm going to take control of the things I can change about myself. Stop whining and Just Do It!

Amazing what can happen from just a random act of kindness by a complete stranger. Next time I want to be that stranger.


  1. What a wonderful day! A dollar, a $25 winner, and an epiphany all in one day! Happy birthday, Sexy!

  2. Happy birthday, you brightened my day, thank you

  3. Wow, that was really cool. Happy birthday!

  4. What a great post! Happy Birthday!

  5. What an awesome story! You've brightened my day too. And happy birthday! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday to you. That was really a great post. Here's to a bright and colorful next year and more random acts of kindness!

  7. Happy birthday! And what a wonderful post. Very inspiring :)))

  8. Holy Cow...

    First of all, Happy Birthday!!

    I have one creeping up WAY too soon...


    Your post reflects my philosophy on Life... that we ARE in charge of how we feel... maybe we can't change/alter what happens to us, but we CAN manage how we respond to those events...

    I adore this post!!

    Again, Happy Birthday!!


  9. Happy birthday... and what an awesome post!