Friday, September 13, 2013

FFF-Sept. 13- Tent-A-Wha?!

Word Length = 9 inches  (LOL)
Word Count = 200
Forbidden Words = Cock, Penis, Schlong, Tower of Power
Required Words =  Tentiginous, & Anticipation
Bonus Words = See Comment section below ((Birthdate + age)/3)+15
(Ladies) Tell us about your biggest
(Men) Admit one insecurity
Extra Credit = How long has he been like that and did others see him?

Want to see more wood like that, then head over to Advizor's ;-)  for all your FFF needs!
David crawled out of bed grinning sheepishly at the memory of the erotic dream. About her, always her. He made his way to the kitchen, towards the coffee with tentiginous glee, morning wood pointing the way. Leaning against the counter he savored the coffee and the memories. Her long, sexy legs and the briefest flash of her thigh-highs. Her cleavage as she bent to hand over a report. Did he imagine her hand lingering a tad too long when she touched his arm to steady herself?  Coming out of his reverie, he shuffled off to shower. 

He nodded to his co-workers as he made his way to the elevators. Suddenly he raised his head in anticipation as he heard the click of heels on the marble behind him. 

"Good moning, Brenda," he croaked. 

"Hi! Mr. Roberts," she said cheerily. "My,  you look dashing today." 

He mumbled his thanks and held his breath as he swiftly moved his case in front of him and moved to the back of the elevator. He took in the vision in front of him. Red sundress, long tanned legs ending in dainty sandals. The fall of her long dark hair over her shoulders. "Shit, not again." Quickly adjusting himself and keeping his case firmly in front of him, he made his way off the elevator. As he passed his assistant, her eyes widened. 

"Kathy, can you get me the helpline number for Pfizer?" 
I had 38 bonus words to work with this week.  And now I get to tell you about the biggest.  I was rather young when I first hooked up with The Pole.   What?  He's from  To that point I thought guys like that only existed in Playgirl.  At least 8 in.  Lately i've had the distinct pleasure to experience the very impressive Rob.  But, sorry hun, the biggest was a one night stand last year...probably 9 in and couldn't wrap one hand around it.  Biggest was  good but yeah, I was sore for a week.  It's not the's the guy it's attached to that makes the difference.  

Happy Friday, y'all.  Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Poor guy, hope he gets some relief soon!

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, sexy! Good story!

  3. Funny story. He doesn't need Pfizer, he needs Brenda! :)

  4. Poor, poor man.
    I agree, he needs Brenda!

  5. Hey hey hey, I think there is a story to be told based on the Rob reference. :-)

    I like the Pfizer reference, a 4 hour woodie needs medical attention, preferably by a hot little candy-striper...

    What fun! Thanks for your entry!

  6. What he needed was an escort on speed dial to sharpen the mind! :)

  7. Amazing what happens when a man is besotted! Great take. So fun FFFing with you!

  8. HAR!!! That image makes me think of Mae West...

    Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me...?

    In the event of an erection lasting longer than four hours, be sure to seek out medical attention...

    I figure if I'm sporting a 4-hour boner, I'm gonna be looking for someone else... :oD


    ps: after reading the replies above, it seems we guys are all on the same path... HAR!