Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Got Something

The last time we met I was bitching and moaning that "I Got Nothing".  Well, give me a few days and I' ll find some trouble to get into.  I was sitting outside Monday on my day off  having lunch and enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather we've had lately.   I hear my phone go whoop and reach for it thinking it was my friend I'd been texting with all morning.   Imagine my surprise when I picked up the phone to see a message from Allen of Amorous Misadventures.

As it turns out he was coming back this way and asked to see me.  I was excited and texted him back that I thought we could work something out.  As it happens earlier that day I had bought a lil plaid, schoolgirl-ish looking skirt. When I got home and tried it on I knew immediately I wouldn't be wearing it in public but I figured I could still have a little fun with it.  Later that night we were texting and flirting a little bit when I asked him if he wanted to see the new skirt I bought.  His answer, of course, yes!

So I started out sending teasing pics with the skirt gradually getting higher and higher (not that it had too much higher it could go!).  And I got excellent feedback!  :)  The texting got sexier and sexier and I even got pictures and video of him.  All this build up and fun, flirty texting just makes the anticipation higher.  It truly is foreplay for me.

So by the time Wednesday rolled around I was practically a giddy schoolgirl...but without the skirt.  I was worthless yesterday at work.  I had to re-arrange my schedule in order to see him so it was going to be too late for dinner together.  He went out to eat and I snuck out a little bit early from work, sped home, grabbed a quick shower changed into my sexy date night clothes and heels.  I grabbed a bite to eat on the way over and he texted me the room number.

I knocked on the door and it opened and there he stood, very tall and handsome .  We both grinned and he kissed me hello.  He fixed drinks and sat on the sofa with me as I ate and we caught up on events since February.  I quickly finished and things got a little quiet and he leaned over and kissed me.  We were quickly wrapped around each other and making out like teenagers.  He stood up and pulled me to the bed undressing me along the way.

I laid back against the pillows and he put his talented tongue and fingers to very good use.  There's this one move he has that just drives me over the edge every. single. time.  And then he sat up and really got into his work and that turned me on even more.  He held me and kissed me while I came back to earth.  I then I pulled off his shirt and ran my fingers over his big, broad chest grazing his nipples, kissed him on the neck and moved south.  He was soft as I took him in my mouth.  But it's exciting to feel him grow in your mouth and know that you did that.  I peeked up at him and he moaned and I did too.  He kept moaning how good it felt and I just increased my efforts.  Soon he let me know he was going to cum but he wanted to be in my pussy.

He pulled me kinda forcefully to the edge of the bed and pushed my legs further apart.  Mmmm...I loved it...manhandle me in bed, please!  He went a little soft and I helped him out and got him nice and hard again.  He then flipped me over on my knees but maybe I'm just not built for doggy style or it was the height differential and we just never hit the right rhythm.  I felt his frustration as he lost it once again.  I again took him in my mouth and I could taste us both!  I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was standing over me, kind of leaning against me.  We got into an amazing rhythm then and he began thrusting faster and I realized he was fucking my face, something I had never previously been able to accomplish, but not because I didn't want to.  He abruptly pulled out and pushed me under him and his very hard cock into me and growled as he came.  I held him as he shook in my arms and kissed him and rubbed his back.

After he seemed a little shy and I wondered if he was worried about performance issues so I felt awkward wanting to reassure but not knowing,  I didn't want to make it one either if I was misinterpreting.  Or something like that.   He again fixed us drinks as we chatted in bed.  Soon he was up and getting dressed and poured a final nightcap.  I followed his lead and dressed minus the heels.  I laughingly asked if I could get away with walking through the lobby without them.  He said he knew a "secret" way out.  He pulled me into his arms for one last long kiss and then I went back for one more.  I escaped through the secret getaway with heels in hand.


  1. Sounds like a fun night! I might need to step up my game next time! Lol

  2. Wow... great story! Maybe he was just tired. Looking forward to Round 3 with him! :)

  3. (fumbles for a cigarette...)


  4. Sigh...lucky you... going on week three and nothing for me...