Sunday, June 15, 2014

Toes in the Sand

First and foremost let me wish all the blog fathers out there a very Happy Father's Day!   I miss my Dad very much.  He looked so big and tough but was a total teddy bear...he had such a tender heart.  Love and miss ya so much!

This will be kind of a "random thoughts" post.  I know I haven't written much lately but it's been so crazy since I went back to work.  I seem to have a life again!  :)

> I had so much fun at the beach!  It was a family trip so no shenanigans as expected.  It was very relaxing and I definitely enjoyed all the eye candy on the beach.  There was the usual assortment of hot 20-somethings but I found my eye was still drawn to the late-30s-early-50 something MEN.  They are just so hot, confident and super SEXY!

> is imPOSSIBLE to get a bottle of vodka in MB after 7pm on Sat!!!

>Normally I'm so sad leaving the ocean but this time..I will be HOME ALONE for 4 nights!  Peace and quiet at last.  I love, love, love  the Brown Eyed Girl (niece) and my Lil Man (nephew) but just gimme a break!

> On other fronts it's been kind of a bad week.  A trip I was very much anticipating didn't happen.  I got the brush off from 2 other guys.  And rt now I hope I get laid again!  Eek!  I know it's usually feast or famine but this dry spell seems especially long!

> I totally need a spa day.  Hair cut & colored.  Nails & toes done.  Full body massage.  I really want Crash from Bull Durham to tie me to the bed and paint my nails...ooh and shave me bare :).

> I went to the pool today and there was actual eye candy!  I found myself staring at this one hot guy.  Fit, bald but owning it..shaved..I love that!, tan , big broad shoulders, trim waist.   His GF was there..but I think he might be the picture of my fantasies for a bit.

OK enough randomness.  For the record.I'm horny and need to get laid!  Soonest!  HELP!


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  2. Nice sentiment. I was just humming that tune last week. Some part of me hopes that all gals out there with their toes in the sand think as you do...loving the men...manly men...the eye candy is nice but the men know how to make a woman scream. Maybe the best of both worlds? I can share...too bad you are East coast...and I am West.....