Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Are They Better?

The other day Rob and I were chatting and realized that next week would be the 1 year anniversary of our 1st hookup.  We both then began reading back in our blogs recalling fond memories (ummmm bent over a chair in the office..being fucked from behind..sorry got distracted).  This led to what I thought was a pretty hilarious chat.  I thought it was funny and I hope it doesn't turn out to be an "I guess you had to be there" post.  As an aside Rob and I are no longer hooking up but remain good friends.

Rob: Oh I checked my blog...our first date was July 8 last year.

Me: Wow. A year ago.

Rob: Yep, hehe

Me: OK now I gotta go read both our posts

Rob: I'm re-reading a bunch of mine from last summer, lol.

Me: That was a good summer :)

Rob: Yep :)

(a little later on) Me: OK I gotta stop reading blog posts and looking at your pix.  Otherwise I might drive to xyz and attack!  lol

Rob: Rofl

Me: Plus someone gave me cucumbers and they're sitting on my desk...And all I can think is "are cucumbers better than men?" Lmao!!

Rob: Now there's a picture I'm getting in my with a cucumber :D

(a little while later I text him back after driving to my Mom's for lunch--giggling all the way)

Me: I'm not fucking a cucumber and sending you pix!  Lol  Altho one is kind of girthy...and the other has the gspot

Me: I just keep picturing getting busted and my Mom saying "eat your veggies..don't fuck em" lol

Rob: reason you can't do both.

(Pic sent of the cukes--actual one is above)

Later that night I went back to my Mom's for dinner and of course I had given the cukes to her.  We had lasagna and a salad.  I was giggling again when I asked my Mom to "Pass the cucumbers, please."

Hope you enjoyed the little anecdote as much as I did.
I thought I'd give a little update too about a few things.  The "getting in shape" finally seems to be paying off. I've lost 5 lbs and I've been walking just about every night for a few miles.  I know I've lost inches and my clothes are fitting looser. I just wish I was seeing more results on the scale.  But I'm not getting discouraged and I'm pretty determined to knock off those pounds.

Plus I have some pretty good inspiration to keep working out.  I've been chatting with the hottest guy the last few days.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Dontcha love NRE!! He's not in my town but fairly close by.  Close enough that we can meet in the middle anyway.  Next week I am on vacation but not going out of town so this means we are working hard on setting something up.  I set myself a goal next week.  To get laid or die trying!  Of course, I'll proceed with caution and the usual safety arrangements (meet in public, text a friend, etc).  It's the 4th of July and I need some fireworks!!


  1. Every time I see a lady in a grocery store choosing a cucumber, I can't help but wonder if she is thinking naughty thoughts. Of course, I am. Apparently, I'm not the only guy.

    Congrats on your fitness program!

  2. Love the post. Good luck with the new guy. Hopefully it will lead to a hot blog post.

  3. :-) it's nice to still be friends with someone. Hope this next guy brings you the same.

  4. Good luck next week! Ah.. cucumbers. Reminds me of... uh... wait... I'm not supposed to write about him. Oops! But I can encourage everyone to pop their vegetable cherry!