Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Bored Meeting Pt 1

"I now call this meeting to order," intoned the mayor.  "Please read the minutes from the last meeting into the record."

Giles sat back and listened as Sally droned on in that high pitched nasal voice and tried to tune it out.  Looking around he realized that Andrea was actually sitting beside him tonight.  Every meeting lately she had seemed a little more flirtatious, dressed a little more scantily, smelled more delicious.  He hoped he wasn't imagining it was for his benefit.

Suddenly he felt everyone looking at him expectantly.  He started guilty and realized they were waiting for him to open the floor for new business.

"Oops, you caught me."  The small crowd chuckled.

"Any new business?" he asked and then sighed as Mr. Winston leapt to his feet to regale them with his usual complaints of speeding traffic, barking dogs, etc.  He closed his eyes and sighed again as he caught a whiff of Andrea' s perfume.  He snuck a peek and realized she had moved her chair closer to his.  Shaking his head, he tried to refocus on the meeting.  He was the mayor for heaven's sake!

Suddenly he felt something brush softly against his leg.  Dismissing it as his imagination, he concentrated on Mr. Winston' s prattling.

Suddenly he heard her murmur,  "He's in fine form tonight.  But not as fine as you."   His eyes shot to her face .  She was calmly looking ahead while her silk stockinged foot eased under his slacks and up his leg.  He slumped a little more in his seat and angled his body toward her.  He looked decidedly ahead even though his heart was racing and he could feel his body stir.

Her soft foot was making patterns as it slowly stroked his leg.  He risked another glance.  He caught his breath when he saw her sweet Cheshire cat smile.  The little minx was enjoying this.  He let her go on wanting to see how far she would take this.  Her hand joined her foot on his leg.  She was drawing figure eights with her fingertips drawing ever closer to the object of her desire.  Catching her hand in his, he silently used his foot and slid her chair closer.  Hearing her sharp intake of breath, he smiled.  It was time to turn the tables on her.

Meetings are so productive, aren't they?  Since quite a few of you happen to spend a lot of time in one meeting or the other, I hope you can use this as a distraction in the next one.  You better get going...wouldn't want you to be late.  Look for the conclusion soon. 


  1. Nice start, and looking forward to more!

  2. Lovely distraction. :-) Yes, I could use more meetings like this!

  3. Why am I never in those types of meetings!

  4. Love this. I do end up in meetings pretty regularly. I daydream enough as it is but now it'll be worse! Haha. Can't wait to see the next part.