Thursday, December 19, 2013


Word Limit213
Required Ending- "WOW, that was.....(fill in the blank)"
Forbidden words -Smoke
Bonus Words Don't leave her alone (unless you are into that)
Extra Credit - Buy and extra present for a local Christmas toy drive (50 words and a smug feeling of satisfaction for each toy donated)

Go see Santa Claus to see who's naughty or nice this Fff.  No wait..go see Advizor.  I get them mixed

They had two amazing adventures on Skype the two previous nights.  It was the first time they had actually seen each other.  Although they had been teasing each other with words on a screen for weeks.  The chemistry between them was electric.  They set each other on fire with their words and the images exchanged.  Soon they would meet.  

Sadly she couldn't see him on video the third night.   She begged him to call her.  He promised he would but he gave instructions.  She listened intently.  He told her to go to her bed and lie back.  She should be naked and her fingers should be stroking her clit.  She should insert one finger, then two, then three.  She arched her back and tried to comply.  Despite her wetness, she barely managed two fingers.  The phone rang. 

She answered with a sharp intake of breath.  

"Hello,  Sir"  

"Are your fingers where they should be?" He asked.

"Yes," she moaned into his ear.

"Good girl."

She squirmed with glee. It was so nice to hear his deep voice. He gave her a gift and asked her what she wanted. She longed to massage his shoulders, ease his stress, drop to her knees before him.  Taste his release.  

He verbally lashed her with his tongue.  She lay there on the bed, panting, legs spread when she noticed the first whisp between her legs

Wow..oh WTF!


  1. Mixing a little reality with fantasy? I like it! Nice take, Simplicity!

  2. Oh WTF indeed; I am not sure what I would do if wifey start smoking.

    That said, after what the comment I made the other day, she was fuming! ;-)