Saturday, April 12, 2014

TGI Friday!

Today was a good day.  What an absolutely beautiful spring day!  Picture perfect Carolina blue skies.  In fact it was a good day for a drive to Carolina.  As posted recently I had a lunch date with a new guy I met on AM.   We just started chatting this week actually.  I don't normally meet that quickly but I immediately felt comfortable with JT.

We were meeting for lunch in a nearby city about halfway between our homes.  I was just about to walk out the door when he called to say he was running an hour late and could we change the time and place.   That was fine with me as I am more familiar with the other city.  We timed it well and arrived within minutes of each other.  He looked great.  And he smelled absolutely delicious!!!

Lunch went well as we began getting to know each other.  He has a very dry, droll sense of humor.  As lunch drew to an end, I was given 3 options.  We could say "thanks for lunch, have a nice life," sit and drink the afternoon away or continue the conversation in a more private place.  I teased him a bit and pretended to call the waitress over for another drink.  Of course I chose #3 and followed him to the motel.

The room was small but it had the most important feature: a bed.  I was lounging on it reading the little HBO guide when he leaned over and began kissing my neck.  MMMMM...neck kisses.  So hot!  Then we rolled over and he began nibbling my nipples, gently teasing and biting.  I reached for his cock and began stroking him.  He was leaking precum and I drew off a drop and brought it to my lips to suck off my thumb.  I loved his reaction when I did that.  We explored each other's bodies--touching and squeezing and playing.  Then he climbed on top and I wrapped my legs around him.  We fit together well and he had a nice thick hard cock.

After, we cuddled a bit and rested up for Round 2.  He suggested I suck his cock to get it big so he could fuck me from behind.  Who would argue with that?  I love giving head!  I licked and teased him, running my tongue over his head and stroking him.  However, he was very quiet but still hard as a rock.  I looked up at him and his head was thrown back and he finally groaned in pleasure.   I went back to work lick and sucking his cock until inevitably my jaw got sore.  I climbed up beside him and he kissed me deeply.  I thought he wanted to fuck me doggy style but he rolled me onto my back and fucked me hard, deep and fast.  We both came very hard.

We lay there panting and then he very nicely got up and poured us some water.  We snuggled and kissed a bit.  But then I hate it when I hear that sigh that tells me it's time to get up and get dressed.  We did take a quick shower together and had a little more fun soaping each other up.  On the way home I put in a CD of our favorite band and texted him (while stopped in traffic) and thanked him for a wonderful afternoon.

As I write this, I am still smiling.  It was an afternoon of some very much needed stress relief.  What a great kickoff to the weekend.

But little did I know this weekend was about to get even better!  More on that later. :)  TTFN.