Thursday, April 10, 2014

Going Back

Sorry for the preemptive post today.  Here it is finally.  

I said I wasn't going to go back there.  By there I meant Ashley Madison.  I was going to focus on OK Cupid.  That fizzled out quickly.  I did make contact with one guy but he lived too far away to really meet regularly.  That was, of course, my goal on OK Cupid--to meet someone to go out with. I wanted a date on national holidays.

Flashing forward a few months and I'm sitting at home alone, bored, one evening.  I glance at the apps on my phone and the AM app catches my eye.  "I haven't been on in awhile, " I thought.  "I'll just pop in and see if there are any new messages."  Of course there are.  And of course I don't just check messages.  I had to have a look around and check out the new blood.  It's rare that I send a message first on that site.  (Quite honestly women get lots of messages and can pick and choose.)  But something about his profile caught my eye and I sent a brief note basically wishing him a good week.  

I got a quick response which is nice.  We quickly moved off the site to instant messaging.  By that point it was late and we made arrangements to chat the next day.  He seems to be a pretty easy going guy.  Funny and a Southern gentleman...but not too much.  We've talked on the phone several times and he seems very attentive.

So tomorrow I actually have a lunch date.  With the possibility of dessert.  Maybe my luck is finally changing. Now if landing a job were just that easy.

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  1. Good for you. It's so difficult for a guy on there. I got a few emails back and forth and that's about it.