Friday, February 7, 2014

FFF-2/7-Roughing It

Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +50 if your team won yesterday.
Required Phrase: "Pitch a tent"
Forbidden Words: Mosquitoes, sunburn, poison ivy
Extra Credit: Tell us about one of your sexual (mis)adventures in the great outdoors.

"Hey, the next time we go camping, why don't we rough it at the spa that's over the next ridge?" she huffed as she helped lug firewood up the hill.

"You agreed to do this for me.  To help with all the work stress," he pouted.  "Is it really that bad spending time with me here in the great outdoors?  Look at that gorgeous sunset?" he said, pulling her in front of him and wrapping his arms around her.  She sighed and leaned back against him.  

"You're right, honey, it is beautiful here.  Let's go for a swim before YOU fix dinner," she grinned.  (That was a stroke of genius as a bargaining chip!)  They swam and splashed each other unmercifully.  The burgers were great and they even roasted marshmallows after dinner.  

She was concentrating on putting out the fire for the night not realizing she was starting another one.  He leaned back in his chair and watched the firelight on her skin, her shorts riding up and tightening most fetchingly.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  

"Come over here and help me with this tent."

"What!!  Did it fall down?"  Exasperated she turned around and then grinned when she saw what he meant.  "Ahhhh, you did pitch a tent."  She moved close to him and pulled him to her for a deep kiss as she rubbed him over his shorts.  She ran her finger under his waistband teasing him.  She kissed her way down his chest, stopping to tease his nipples.  He pushed her down gently and she dropped to her knees.  Looking up at him under her lashes.

"Please Sir, can I have s'more?" 

Happy TGIFFF everyone!  I'm sure everyone is ready for the weekend!  I sure am.  Technically I suppose I've already earned my extra credit since I wrote about some of my outdoor misadventures last summer.  But I will earn some extra, extra credit and write about a camping/whitewater rafting trip I took a few years ago. A group of us went camping and there were a few couples.  I had been seeing this guy all summer and we shared a tent that weekend.  We also shared a sleeping bag. Although I don't think we did much sleeping.  I didn't really think that much of it until the ride home. For some reason, I wound up riding with two of my other friends.  We were talking about the trip and re-living all the fun.  They were teasing me about my "sleeping" arrangements.  They mentioned how much fun I seemed to have and then I realized I must have been a bit louder than I perhaps should have been behind the tent flaps.  Lol.  That's ok, they were just jealous!

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!  Stay safe out there.  


  1. It's nice to think about summer with all the cold we all have been getting. Nothing sexyer than a warm fire and tent.

  2. Cute story! One thing about camping... noise does tend to travel pretty far in the peaceful quiet of the great outdoors... ;)

  3. They were jealous! You had an added bonus on the trip!

    Loved your sense of humor in the last line. Made me chuckle.

  4. A woman lit by firelight is a thing of real beauty. Great story about the whitewater trip as well. I like that a lot.

  5. Great story, and I love the last line! :-)