Friday, February 14, 2014

FFF-VDay Edition

Word Limit: 100
Word Bonus: +100 for every time you've had your heart broken.
Required Word: Truth
Forbidden Word: Love
Extra Credit: Tell us your Valentine's Day plans!

"OMG!   I can't take this anymore!  I have got to get out of here!" Ella said pacing.

"No one is going to show for our fabulous 'All The Single Ladies Nite' party on Valentine's anyway. Not with all this snow.  Let's just go to the bar," she whined.  

Her roommate whooped and shouted "Let's go!"

They were greeted enthusiastically at the bar by the regulars and had shots in front of them before they even sat down.  They felt the music in their blood and hit the dance floor.  Neither of the ladies was lacking for a dance partner that night.  Despite the constant flow of hotties before them, their eyes followed each other gyrating on the floor that night.

They finally collapsed in their barstools.  The barkeep caught the signal and called a cab for them as they settled the tab.  "Only 10 bucks and we drank all night!" they high-fived and giggled as they stumbled out.  The poor cabbie tolerated their drunken shouted rendition of Beyonce on the way to the apartment.  

Stumbling in the door, they tumbled in a heap on the sofa.  

"I thought for sure you'd be going home with Kevin tonight finally," Emma told Colleen.  

"Oh he'll be back for sure," Colleen said.  "But truthfully I'm exactly where I want to be tonight," she whispered as she drew the soft pink lips down to meet hers.

I went a little different direction than I would normally take for a Valentine's Day story.  But that is the fun of FFF!  Pushing boundaries with a limited amount of words.  The extra 100+ words were earned by the number of heartbreaks you've had.  I went over by 100 and it could have easily been a 1000.  The one I still remember the most (and quite honestly will never get over) was the break up of my engagement.  Alas that's a story for another day.  

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones.  


  1. Sometimes what we want is right in front of us, nice way to showing that message.

  2. Sometimes the best person to be with is your best friend (for girls at least,my best friend was a skinny white kid who couldn't dance to save his life, and i'm sure he was a terrible kisser.)

    Your story was sweet and light and cute with a very sexy ending. Great work and Happy VD!!

  3. Absolutely fun and playful, with a great ending. Loved reading it.

  4. I did not see that ending coming :) Very nice!

  5. Ooh! Great twist! This sounded so fun! Dancing, drinking, singing and kissing a girl! Whee!

  6. I loved the ending! Reminded me of a night I spent out with a friend while my husband was in the Army and I hadn't received my orders to move our household yet. We hadn't been drinking, just out for dinner...but on the drive to dropping her at her apartment I had a momentary hope (longing) that we would have "fun" when we arrived. I never told her about that...wonder what would have happened if I had...