Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Can't Get No...Satisfaction

Yes, it's definitely true lately I.AM.NOT.GETTING.ANY.SATISFACTION.  

However, this is actually not about me (whew..for once).  There's a new show debuting on the USA Network this week called Satisfaction.  (Thurs at 10pm)  At first the trailers were kind of vague about what the subject of the show involved.  As the date has drawn near, it seems the show is going to be about marital infidelity and somehow that may possibly evolve into male prostitution.  The gigolo part of the story doesn't really pique my interest (well, I suppose I'll see) but the trailer does ask the question "Can having an affair save your marriage?"

It is a question I've seen posed on various boards where I sometimes read.  There, the general consensus seems to be "yes, it can."  Of course, these people are mostly having affairs and that's why they read there so they are somewhat biased.  I am pretty interested in seeing what the more "general population" thinks of the show and see if it generates any buzz.  Of course, I am not married but have been involved with several married men which is why this caught my eye.  I have definitely set up my DVR to record it and will be checking it out.  I'm including a link to the trailer in case anyone is interested.  Maybe I'll put up a follow up post if the show seems worthy.  

Hope you're having a nice week!  Happy Hump Day!  


  1. I saw the trailer for this and certainly, it had some of the interesting imagery that turns me on. I'll have to give it a try.

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  3. That trailer? Oh my... it looks too real to be fiction. I not a TV watcher but will be interested to see how it goes.

  4. it was interesting enough for me to dvr and watch the 2nd episode. a lot resonated, especially the career ennui and the every day life of raising kids and making the divide and conquer choices that can lead to disconnects etc.