Friday, May 30, 2014

FFF- 5/30-Distracted

Word Count:  250
Bonus Words: 
Tell us about your last naughty phone call (+50)
Required Phrase:  Put the phone down
Forbidden Word:   Answer, Respond
Extra Credit:  Make a naughty phone call from work, or to someone at work

"Look at him.  It's pathetic.  Dude needs to get a life.  Minecraft!?  I mean really."  Mark looked at Jason sitting on the sofa and shook his head.  The girls were getting friskier by the minute. 
Jason got up and wandered over to the bar to get a distracted that he hadn't finished the one in his hand.  Mark and Scott joined him and tried to point out what he was missing. 
"Dude, Chrissy and Sherri were all over each other next to you on the sofa." 
Jason looked up and asked Scott, "Hey man, I just saw the best video on YouTube!  Wanna see it?" 
Mark punched Jason on the arm.  "If you'd put down that damn phone, you had a chance at an actual threesome with those 2 chicks beside you!!  You could have been a legend, man!"  
Looking around, Jason asked, "Who's the topless chick?"  
"Who cares?" exclaimed Scott.  "This is the best party ever.  I'm doing a lap.  Gonna go watch some girl-on-girl action. you two chumps, have fun."
They each downed their drinks and all headed off in opposite directions.  
Jason laughed to himself as he headed out the door.  "Those two idiots.  Minecraft indeed.  Do they honestly think I didn't notice the hot chicks making out next to me on the sofa."  He approached the stranger next to the car and greeted him.  Leaning back against the car he grinned when he heard the girls heels clicking on the sidewalk and their giggling.  The stranger sprung into action and opened the door for Jason and the two girls.  
"So ladies are you ready for some fun?"  Chrissy and Sherri kissed Jason on the cheeks as they sat on either side of him.  
"Wow Jason I didn't know you had a limo.  This is great," said Sherri 
"Oh I didn't come here in a limo tonight.  What do you think I was doing on the phone?  I reserved it and asked them to send the car here to pick up the two most beautiful ladies in the room.  Champagne, anyone?"    
Hi There.  Hope everyone is having a nice Friday afternoon!  I love short work weeks.  New job is going well and I seem to be settling in.  Hope you all have a nice weekend.  Please go see Advizor for all the other great entries this week. 


  1. I like his ability to see, plan, and act. That will take him to many interesting places in life....

    Thanks for being oneof the faithful few!!

  2. Mmmm... I adore any excuse to think about fun in the back of a limo! Always reminds me of that bizarre Kevin Costner movie, No Way Out, that started off so well in that direction! Yummy! Great take! So glad you poked at the people who think there's no good reason to be on the phone. Hee!

  3. Minecraft is particularly topical in this household; my nine year old son moved out six months ago and was replaced by a Minecraft addict.