Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

"...of Mice and men often go awry."  (Or "gang aft agley" if you prefer the original verbiage from the Robert Burns poem "To A Mouse").  But for me "ganging aft agley" IS the norm.  I mean why should I bother making plans.  As my friend's often tell me, "Something always happens with you and you ALWAYS have a story!"  Why should my highly anticipated weekend this time be any different?!

I was supposed to leave Saturday morning, however, I learned late Friday night there was a death in the family of a distant relative and my mother wanted to go to the funeral.   However, she needed someone to sit with my nephew.  Well, of course, I would do it.  (Boy did he make me regret that decision!  WW3 at my house is officially over and I won!!!)

Then later I thought I would (for once in my life) actually pack my clothes for a trip the night before instead of my usual running through the house grabbing everything I won't need.  It didn't seem to make a difference since I, in all my gracefulness, promptly stumbled down the steps and managed to catch myself from falling but slammed my left foot HARD on the corner of the steps.  I bruised it badly, thankfully not breaking anything this time!  After that I could hardly put any weight on my foot.  At that point, I said "fuck it" and hobbled into the kitchen to pour myself some stiff medication to wash down some Advil.

The original plan for the entire trip was to meet my friend, Jamie, in person for the first time. Come hell or high water (and for awhile I thought it would come to that since it rained for 2 days!)  I was going to meet this man.  Sunday dawned bright and beautiful so I took off early.  He called me from the road to make sure I was still coming and I assured him I was.  He told me he would get in touch when he arrived at his hotel.  In the meantime I drove to the area and caught up with some friends and hung out with them at a bar anxiously awaiting his call.

I had told a friend, I would drop her off on my way to meet him and then I could change and get ready at her place.  The call came in right on time and we took off.  I was kinda nervous about meeting him but driving in the DC traffic blew that out of the water.  I was so glad to be out of it that I felt pretty relaxed about meeting him by the time I knocked on his door.  It opened and there he stood.  Finally, after months, we were together!

We hugged and made small talk while getting a drink.  We sat on the bed and grinned at each other when he finally leaned in for a kiss.  It was hot and passionate and I knew the online chemistry we had was real.  He invited me to lay down on the other bed for a massage.  That lasted just a few minutes before we began shedding our clothes and really began exploring each other.

My nipples were at attention when he began sucking and kissing and nibbling and squeezing with his teeth.   The sensations were going straight to my clit.  I was already soaked when his fingers found me and stroked me to my first orgasm.  Then he kissed his way down my body and dipped his talented tongue between my legs.  He growled and the vibrations I felt had me moaning and cumming again.

He got up for a brief respite and to show me the toys he brought.  He walked to the edge of the bed and stood in front of me and I was able to wrap my tongue around him at last.  He was very hard and I took him in my mouth.  Mmmm.  I love the contrast of a man's soft skin over the hardness.  We got into a 69 but I'm afraid I didn't pay him the attention he deserved as his talented tongue was driving me to distraction.

He then brought out the pink vibrator he brought and put it to immediate good use and I was cumming again and moaning.   He grabbed a condom and pulled me and opened me for him.  And then that sublime moment when he first enters had me throwing my head back.  We got into a good fast rhythm quickly and I could feel him stretching me and it felt so good.  I was holding his shoulders when he tensed and came hard.  Wow!  Oh yes! Chemistry!

We grabbed our drinks and hung out on the bed watching the end of the football game and kissing and fondling a bit.  Then we decided to get some dinner.  Here things again went "agley."  Jamie had a family emergency that required his immediate attention.  I completely understood and we headed back to the hotel to gather our things.  I was concerned for him (although things did eventually prove to be ok) but I tried to let him know how much I enjoyed our short but sweet and very hot time together.  I know our time together didn't end the way either of us wanted but it definitely left me wanting more.

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  1. Glad you made it back safely, Simplicity. Sounds like you had at least some fun, despite the universe's attempts to get in the way!