Friday, January 17, 2014

FFF-1/17- First Do No Harm

Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +100 if you tell us your opinion on ObamaCare.
Required Phrase: "First, do no harm"
Forbidden Concept: Don't make it about blue balls.
Extra Credit: Throw some medical mumbo jumbo in there. 

She was so freaking bored.  She had been laying in this bed for nearly 7 days following her 2nd surgery.  Today was the day she was supposedly going home.  Her boyfriend, David, had better not be late picking her up either!  She flounced back against the pillows and jarred her arm.  She gasped in pain.  Ok, so maybe she did need to be here.

They were on their way to the beach and it was supposed to be her "Senior Week" too since she had been gypped out of hers a few years before.  Stupid Anthony had to drink too much on the way down so that's how David and I wound up in his truck.  Then we missed the exit and everyone else was miles ahead of us when it happened.  The car only a few feet in front of us turned left and we had no choice.  David had the imprint of the steering wheel and brake pedal on his body he had tried so hard to avoid hitting her.  I wasn't so lucky and broke both bones in my right arm as well as my left leg.

"I can't lay in this bed another minute," she thought.  She had mastered the crutches already.  And the therapist was encouraging her to move around.  She grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower carefully.  She stopped when she heard the moans coming from the room at the end of the hall.  Looking around for a nurse to help the obviously in pain patient, she eased her way to the door to let them know she was trying to get help.

She gasped as she peeked into the room.  Nurse "Ratched"  was on the bed with the super hot orderly.  She just stood there watching as his hands dove into the nurse's panties.  The moans emanating from the nurse made it clear, he knew what he was doing.  Blushing she quickly turned around to make her way out as quietly as possible.  Forgetting all about her shower, she slowly went back to her room.

David was there when she returned.  "Hey, are you ready to go home?"

"Not quite yet," she whispered, as she pulled him down onto the bed with her.  Catching Nurse "Ratched's" eye as she rounded the doorway, she winked as the nurse backed out.

OK, I ran over so I have to share how I feel about Obamacare:  I don't like it.  (Sorry, it's late and I'm too tired to go into the whys and why nots.) Plus I realized I didn't use the required phrase, so I cheated and made it the headline--Oops!   Hope you all have a great weekend and please stay safe.


  1. Nice twist. I don't mind the cheating especially when the story was so cute.

  2. Headlines count! :) Liked it a lot.

  3. Seems inspriration what to be had in more ways than one with this gif. Great story!

  4. What's good for the Doctor is good for the Patient, right? But, I will say, if this kind of care is included in ObamaCare, I might have to change my mind. I like the wink at the end... A good nurse knows the needs of her patients and helps meet them.

  5. Wonderful to see a good idea and put it to work immediately! Hee! Great take! So fun FFFing with you Simplicity!