Thursday, January 9, 2014

FFF-1/10- S-crying-over you

I'm so excited to be participating in my first FFF of the new year!   Welcome to our wonderful new host, Thomas.  And now for this week's prompt!

Character Limit: 2,014 (without spaces)... or if you can't count characters, 201.4 words.
Required Words: Scrying
Forbidden Name: Justin Bieber
Extra Credit: Predict something that will happen in 2014. But don't predict a specific person's death -- that's bad karma.
Bonus Words: If your prediction comes true, +100 words you can tack onto a future FFF!

The three best friends stumbled down the boardwalk laughing uncontrollably.  The free drinks in the casinos were obviously overconsumed.  They were drenched and covered in sand because I dragged them to the ocean to touch the water.  I couldn't resist its pull...even in frigid January.

"Oh look," Alexis cried. "It's a fortune teller!"

Brian scoffed and told her not to waste her time or money.  "It's all hocus-pocus bullshit!"  

I teased him for being a spoilsport.  Squinting at the sign, I asked, "What's scrying?"

We all jumped when the heavily accented voice behind us intoned, "It means divination with the use of a crystal ball or clear surface.  Come inside and I will tell you what can be seen."  We soberly walked behind her.

Alexis was taken back first.  Brian and I huddled on the tiny sofa.  I whispered," This is bullshit, right?"  He swallowed and said "Absolutely!".

Alexis stepped out looking wide-eyed.  I asked if she was ok and she answered yes even as she nervously glanced back at Brian.  15 minutes later he emerged from behind the curtain gazing at Alexis with new-found insight.

I stood and moved behind the curtain.  I sat and took the wizened hands. I rolled my eyes as she told me "I would meet a tall, dark stranger."  I was skeptical as she droned on and on.  

10 minutes later I would look up into the dark blue eyes of the stranger who would help me as I tripped over the threshold.  2 years more and we would trip up the aisle with Alexis and Brian as our attendants.  

Who's scrying now?

Happy FFF!  Again welcome to Thomas.  I know im over on words..oops.  beat me later, ok?   have a good weekend!


  1. Happy new year. Enjoyed it. Wish I had a tall dark stranger in my future.

  2. Warmed my heart. I will always be a hopeless romantic.

  3. Ah, how romantic, Very sweet, not let's get on to the sex! :-) Really it was a lovely take on the story. :-) Loved your last line!

  4. I'm a romantic at heart, so I enjoyed this story a lot. What a great first meeting.

  5. Nothing like a fortune teller to open your eyes to the possibilities! Maybe we should find one with a crystal ball and hang out waiting for men? So fabulous FFFing with you!