Monday, August 3, 2015

Roller Coaster

Once again I seem to have taken a longer than usual hiatus from writing.  I’d truly love to write more but as I’ve previously stated “work, eat, sleep and repeat” is rather dull. 

Since I began writing it seems I’ve been out of work more than I’ve been “on the job.”  I’m currently at my 4th—YES! 4TH!!!—job in the very short time of this blog’s existence.   This has happened through no fault of my own.  It is just a consequence of living where I do.  When you have no job, there is of course a tightening of the purse strings.  That leads to fewer opportunities to get out and about. 

Despite the periods of unemployment I have had a few adventures.  I continue to see “WV Guy” and although long distance we “talk” in some fashion almost every day.  This is my main relationship lately and it has been good in spite of the distance.  I did travel to his area earlier in the year and we had a great time together.  We even managed to get in some hiking after all the “hiking” J we were doing.  His area is absolutely beautiful country and there are lots of outdoorsy, fun things to do. 

Of course, I’m still me and I still have the occasional hook-up.  Most often with Alan—the first guy I met on AM.  He is always good to get in touch when he is traveling nearby.   And Rob posted about a little adventure we had earlier this year.  Since things have been well with WV Guy I don’t frequent many dating sites anymore.  Although I did check in on AM recently—and it just happened to be the night before The Hack was announced.  DOH!

From reading various forums online about it, it seems the initial panic may have been unfounded.  Fears seem to have calmed a bit on the “prowlers” sites as time has passed and no more additional information has been released.  Of course, there’s always a chance that will change and it’s something we in “the game” should be mindful of (“deny, deny, deny!”).  I wasn’t incredibly worried about being “outed” although it definitely got my attention and sent me running off to my tablet to read all about it.  Just a little reminder to be even more vigilant of protecting yourself online—no matter if you’re prowling or not. 

So this is just a little update post and me rambling on.  I hope to be taking a few trips at the end of the summer and I’m very much looking forward to getting away.  I’m still reading and following all your wonderful blogs although I’m not commenting as much.  I’m down to just my tablet at the house and it doesn’t make it easy for anything other than reading or playing games from what I’ve seen.  So I hope all you wonderful people are having a great, fun summer!!!  Stay Cool!!  


  1. Wonderful to see an update! Hope you can get off the roller coaster and off to some fun adventures soon!

  2. Glad to see your post. Oh that AM thing... on the top of ever late night comedy list of things one week, hardly a blip on the radar a week later.