Thursday, February 12, 2015

FFF-2/13/2015--The Un-Valentine

Required Phrase - "And then my Crazy Ex......."
Word Limit - 2 short chapters of 230 each
Forbidden Phrase - Burned
Bonus Words if someone ends up dead.
Extra Credit if you fictionaliz a real world story.

And remember, rules were made to be broken

The signs began popping up all over town.  A red heart with the diagonal stripe through it.  The ultimate Un-Valentine's Day message.  No one understood the importance of the message that was about to be delivered.  

Thankfully the proprietors of all the sporting goods stores in town chalked up the bow and arrow sales to the popularity of The Hunger Games.  The Team met every Thursday night for practice, preparation and planning.  Finally it was time to set the plan in action.  Each of the conspirators had their targets and knew their current whereabouts.  This Friday the 13th will be very unlucky indeed.

As night fell the 2-person teams moved into position.  The first to go down is Charlene's bastard husband, Rick the Dick.  He was always so jealous yet Charlene couldn't go out, kept a spotless home, never gave her a dime.  Of course that didn't stop him from waving his dick at every woman in town.  He went down fast outside the bar with an arrow straight through his heart.  The tag with the heart seen all over town floated from the end of the arrow.  

The next target was Phillip--a classic abuser.  Joni won't be "falling down" anymore.  Then Justin the "Artist" whose only "work of art" was draining Macey's bank accounts, pushing her credit cards to their limits and drinking her beer and emptying the pantry while he "worked" on his novel.  One after one deadbeats fell all over town.  All with arrows piercing their black hearts.  

The Team regrouped at their hideaway deep in the woods.  Their leader, Ben, gathered all the ladies in front of him.  

"Excellent work ladies.  All the targets were taken down at precisely the same time.  Each of you were in place and all of your alibis should back up each other.  This was the best coordinated attack I've ever seen executed...". Suddenly his voice faded as he realized one team member hadn't made it back.  Where was Jenna?  

His eyes scanned the path looking into the darkness.  He missed the whoosh of the arrow as it flew out of the woods straight into his heart.  As he lay gasping for his last breath, Jenna stood above him.  

" I waited for five long years for you to propose.  It was always some excuse.  Yes, we had plenty of time.  I suppose I should have known after all the correct response when someone says 'I love you' ISN'T 'Thank you'.  

I apologize for the error in the picture above.  These days I have to post from my tablet and after working for 45 minutes to fix it, I just left it.  I must say it feels good to be back participating in FFF again after a long hiatus.  I hit a dry spell with my writing and not much has been going on lately.  I'm once again looking for work, I am still talking with the WV guy and that is going well although our planned Valentine's meeting has been postponed.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Please check out the other entries at Advisor's place.  

P.S.  I just realized I forgot the required phrase.  Oh well as Ad says rules are meant to be broken.  Happy FFFriday!

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  1. Wow, those are some pissed off women. I was surprised a man led them, as they seemed a bit too independent; for that reason, glad he too died.