Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Need..

Tonight I need a man.  Not a boy..but a every sense of the word.   The Alpha.

Take control.  Throw that door open, stalk into the room loosening your tie, your eye narrowing as you see me you requested.

I whimper.  Pant and catch my breath..your passion matches my own.  I close my eyes and drink in your presence. Your scent.

I feel you circle me.  Pacing. Impatient.  I daren't look at you.  My back arches slightly with tension.  I'm barely breathing.  Roughly your hands are in my hair..pulling me up. You ravage me with your mouth..pull my hair..your hands encircle my throat.  I completely bend myself to your will..arching into you.

And then.  I feel the blood rising..pulsing under my skin.  Wait..she remembers.  This is about what I NEED. Right. Fucking. Now.  I rip off your shirt.  Claw your chest..rake your nipples.  My lips are nipping at your neck.  Hands fumbling, hips rubbing against your crotch.  Grinding hard against you.  Hands diving and rip your pants down..I greedily reach for what I desire. 

I take a fleeting glance into your eyes before I devour you..taking you into my hot, wet sweetness.  Tongue encircling you, tracing you, licking you from base to tip.  Moving lower, dirtier, swallow your sack.  A finger tracing your bud, penetrating.  Air is still..breath held..

I almost feel weightless for a moment..and then you plunge into me.  Heavily, forcefully, FUCKING ME.  YES!  Use me..I'm yours.  Rip me as I rip you.  Completely, totally.  Leave me bruised, as I will leave you torn and shredded.

But damn, I am oh so complete.  For the moment...




  1. Wow. A little horny? Wish I could help...

  2. Only for a moment? Give me a minute to catch my breath and we'll go again. LOL

  3. Hot hot hot. Yummy. You can write, lady!

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  5. Great writing. Very very hot!