Friday, March 7, 2014


Word Limit: 400
Bonus Words: +100 if she can kick ass.
Required Phrase: "Hell hath no fury..."
Forbidden Word: Kryptonite
Extra Credit: Give someone a cheesy accent.

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Ralph and Carl stumbled through the woods.  They were both looking around nervously, jumping at every rustle of the leaves.  They were checking their trap line as they did most nights. However, they always got nervous in the area around The Stones.  Both of them had grown up hearing the legends and tales.  People appearing and vanishing, bodies lying within the confines of The Stones.  

The traps were all empty tonight and the guys were getting bored.  They pulled out their flasks and took sips to keep them warm.  They were about to turn for home when they heard the whimpering of a wounded animal coming from the direction of the granite circle.  They each took a deep draft before turning to dare each other to approach the trap they had set there.  

"Well shit, let's just go check it out, Carl," Ralph said faking bravery.  

Carl's voice shook as he whispered, "Fine.  I'll just follow you.  I got your six".

They crashed stealthily through the brush.  The full moon was hidden by the clouds obscuring their vision.  They didnt see their caught prey at first.  Then they heard the struggle of the wounded animal again.  They cautiously approached the trap.  Suddenly the light from the moon above broke through the cloud cover.



The guys clung to each other in terror.  They could scarce believe their eyes at the prey they had trapped.  It was a woman.  A NAKED woman.  

"Oh shit we've caught her!  Now what, Ralph?  It's the Banshee!"  

Carl brazenly approached her .  As he reached his hand between the bars of the trap, the first low rumblings calling his demise began within her.  

At first she cringed when she saw them.. She panicked and wailed discordantly.  She cringed and fought valiantly to get away.  She was embarassed as they laughed and snickered at her state of undress.  They didn't know her or her tribe or their terrible purpose.  The bansidhe were always misunderstood as the mourners and the keeners of death.  No one ever paid attention to their subliminal warnings.  You know, the hair that stands up on the back of your neck.

Such was the case with Carl and Ralph.  She could see The Alpha approach.  Her wailing and keening grew higher and higher.  They ran but it was too late.  They had dared to trap The Alpha's beloved .  

"Hell Hath No Fury" read the headlines when Ralph and Carl's remains were found three days later.  

There seemed to be something primal about the picture.  I really hope the story made sense. Yesterday I woke up and my face was swollen to the size of a bowling ball with a sinus infection.  I got some "good" drugs at the doc yesterday.  Whee!  Happy TGIFFF.  Stay safe yall


  1. Whoa! Now that is kicking ass! Those poor guys had no idea what they were in for...

  2. Great story! I love tales of banshees, and this one is a great addition.

  3. You have to learn the rules of good writing. Take the drugs first, and then write.

    But the banshee angle was fierce. Great work, and get better soon!

  4. TGIFFF! Hee! They got more than they bargained for! Great take.

  5. Ahh I see death and destruction is back on FFF agenda; awesome ;-)