Thursday, September 22, 2016

Some Much Needed R & R ;)

Rob and I have had many adventures together over the past few years but admittedly none was as exciting as the opportunity he presented to me earlier this summer. I know that he and his friend Z had travelled to the Redskins-Cowgirls -oh sorry Cowboys, gotta remember that!-game in years past and this time they asked me to tag along. My immediate answer was “YES!” and my immediate next thought was “Threesome?” I apparently had planted an idea in the guys’ heads the year before when knowing they were out of town and most definitely drinking I teasingly sent them some pix and did a little flirting with the both of them.

A MFM threesome has always been a fantasy of mine. I never actually thought I’d get the chance though. Through my own insecurities and shyness (yes I am shy sometimes), I didn’t honestly know if I’d have the nerve to go through with it. But given this chance there was no way I’d ever turn it down. It would have ranked among my biggest regrets if I did.

So plans were made, tickets bought and reservations secured. Rob, Z and I met and made introductions all around in July and I’m glad we did. I’ve known Rob awhile now but still if either Z or I had any immediate objections then we’d know right away this is 3 friends going to a football game. Thankfully neither of us did. These are 2 great, handsome, fun, highly intelligent, as well as, highly entertaining men.

The summer seemed to drag by—I was incredibly excited! This was my 1st NFL game if nothing else. Plus my 1st trip overnight with Rob and I was really looking forward to spending an extended amount of time with him. But then as the date grew closer and closer…some nagging doubts crept in. It wasn’t anything about the guys---it’s always me and my issues. I started wondering if I could go through with it and how disappointed the guys would be if I couldn’t. This was strictly my own internal pressure —not them at all. The attitude all along had been “we’ll play it by ear.” I finally broke down that night. I knew I had to discuss it and emailed Rob and asked him to call me. We did talk the next day and by then my “fears” were calmed considerably. Just hearing his voice reassured me that nothing would happen unless we ALL agreed.

The day finally dawned and it was time to get on the road. I live a little distance from the guys and was running late (sadly not my worst travel faux pas this weekend!). We loaded up and were chatting and catching up. We were talking sports, music, and obviously about the game but not a word was spoken about the rather large “elephant in the room”. In hindsight I’m glad—I think my anxiety level would have ramped up. Finally we stop for lunch, gas up, and got back on the road—NOT! We first had to make a 2nd stop to retrieve my cell phone from the garbage can I had tossed it into at the restaurant. Doesn’t everyone do that?!?!? Then we set off for our final destination—which wound up being some guy’s house at the end of a cul-de-sac. Ummm NO! But these little incidents and the resulting laughter did a lot to break the underlying tension.

We did eventually get to the hotel, checked in and drinks were soon in hand. Dinner plans were figured out and executed swiftly and then it was back to the room. Each of us had brought our beverage of choice—this was not our 1st rodeo—well not in that department anyway. Pretty soon we were laughing and joking around and I’m sure there was a football game on TV. The drinks were flowing freely and cigars lit up and things were going well.

At some point Z left the room and I then crossed the room to Rob and just kissed him. It was great! Hands were roaming all over and under clothes and it went on for awhile. Then Rob said” I think Z is watching” and I laughed and said “I hope so!” By this point I was topless and found myself quickly on my back on the bed. I remember the exact moment that I felt 2 mouths and 4 hands stroking my body—it hit me like lightning and my heart rate accelerated. It was pure pleasure to have 2 men tease and kiss and fondle me and in return to have them to stroke and touch and taste.

Admittedly I had quite a lot to drink that night and things are a bit fuzzy but some moments are sharper than others. I do remember when Rob first entered me and I was trying to get in position to suck and lick Z’s hard cock. We eventually figured that out and Rob was fucking me from behind and I was trying my best to also focus on Z’s cock but maybe I’m not the greatest at multitasking when being fucked. Neither guy got the blowjob they deserved but I didn’t hear any complaints. In fact I distinctly remember one of the guys saying “she’s really good at that” and someone agreeing—perhaps that was the high five (REALLY GUYS!!) moment I was apparently oblivious to.

And then Rob asked Z if he wanted to switch and it was Rob and his cock in front and Z from behind. At this point I was in such a state of pleasure and just one continuous orgasm that seemed to go on and on. I know I was moaning and felt like I was trembling all over. Then I felt Rob begin licking my pussy and clit and I just didn’t want it to end. I did eventually come back down, and as one does, I felt a bit sensitive. It was just time for a break and to catch our breath. We each got drinks and took our respective breaks and I remember chatting with Z and we were both impressed at how great it was just casually sitting around naked and not feeling uncomfortable at all. Rob climbed onto bed beside me and began to settle in and we were snuggling. Z got up to shower and then Rob and I were making out and the action was heating up yet again. I remember having the fleeting thought that Z had been gone awhile and maybe it occurred to me he was watching the show. I quite honestly was in such a haze that I really wasn’t aware of any interaction the guys were having. They could have been tapping each other in and out and I didn’t notice or care at that point. Although I sincerely hope Z didn’t feel left out of any of the action. We did wear down and drifted off to sleep.

Z and I were moving noticeably slowly the next day (Rob, dammit , was not!) and I gladly shared the Advil with him. We shuffled off to breakfast and I hurriedly made my fantasy picks (with great success as it turned out!). Thankfully the logistics of getting to the game were resolved quickly and smoothly. I enjoyed walking among the tailgaters and taking in the sights including the Redskins Marching Band and the party bus where I scored loot (a sticker!). I am still laughing about the ticket taker who was good naturedly ribbing Rob and Z-both Cowboy fans and when finding I, a Redskin fan, with them told me “to get up here, girl, I’m going to let you in first!” We made our way to the seats and yadda, yadda, yadda, the football game was played, the Cowgirls won , etc, etc.

Again the logistics of getting back to the room was easy. I knew Sunday night was going to be a lot more low key as we were all tired and I’d had the misfortune of a plantar fascitis diagnosis the week before and my foot was killing me. We went to dinner and we all rebounded slightly but not quite enough. Earlier in the weekend I had asked the guys their definition of a lousy lay and I’m quite certain if anything did happen that night, I’d have been the very embodiment of the lousy lay. I think the concensus “was the spirit was willing but the flesh was (literally) weak.”

On Monday we went about preparing to go home and had breakfast and waited out the infamous DC traffic. We had hours to go and an obvious time to go over and recount the events of Saturday night. For some reason it was alluded to and the topic was teased around but was never directly mentioned. This time I felt like that elephant was sitting on my lap! I just sensed something—an undertone of guilt perhaps—not regret exactly—just something. As we got closer to home, it just seemed more awkward to bring it up. This is perhaps my biggest regret of the trip—the no “after action” breakdown of the events. Perhaps I was the only one who needed it. Rob and Z dropped me off at my car and we Robhugged good bye and still on the way home, I was a little confused. I couldn’t get my head to clear at all and was honestly so tired I drove home on auto pilot. Come Monday I was texting Rob and asking all the questions we should have discussed in depth on the way home. I know I bugged the crap out of him. Sorry hun!

To wrap up I have absolutely no regrets about anything this weekend. It was the hottest sexual experience of my life!! All those doubts in the “before” never even once occurred to me in the “during.” I do know that I could never have done this without Rob whom I trust completely. I know he felt like the architect of events and I’m sure he was the center but I do hate that he felt any “pressure” of his own to move things along. It all seemed to happen just as it should and felt just natural and seamless. Again thank you Z and Rob for one of the most memorable weekends of my life. It was all I wanted and more…much more.

Update: You can find Rob's take on the weekend here and i've added our partner's thoughts below.

ZRob's Brief Take On the Weekend
I think we all had some "issues" going in. It was like we were teenagers on our first date that could be THE first time. We were all nervous, but once the fun started, we got into it and I, for one, had a great time.
Rob, you are right. Even though it was never stated, since you knew both of us before, you were in the lead position, if you will. To be honest, I stayed out of the second round because simplicity was enjoying it so much, that I didn't want to break her concentration. And, it was a good show :).
I do wish I had thought about the tag teaming that Simplicity talked about in her post, but I think the vodka got in the way. Of course, the vodka was the only reason that I didn't cum from the head I was getting.
There are a number of things I would probably do differently if the opportunity came up again. And if it does, one thing I will not miss out on again will be tasting Simplicity, even if I have to push Rob out of the way. That is my only regret from the weekend.


  1. It was a fantastic weekend! I'll get my post up soon!

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  3. Sounds fun, too bad the good team didn't win!

  4. Wowzers! That sounds like a blast! You go girl! So glad you got to cross this off your f-it list and tell us about it! That "2 mouths and 4 hands" image got my attention! Whee!

  5. Simplicity, great post and was a hot read. Two men one female is just so f-ing hot. You rock.